Error regarding Matrix package

I have a problem regarding the lmer and glmer functions in Rstudio. An error appears when I use the functions:

Error in initializePtr() :
function 'cholmod_factor_ldetA' not provided by package 'Matrix'

When I use install.packages(“Matrix”) a pop-up appears that keeps telling me to restart R but does nothing. I have installed the newest R and Rstudio versions as wel as the Rtools.
Could anyone help me?

Try selecting the menu Session -> Restart R and then running install.packages("Matrix").
An alternative is to run R on its own, without using RStudio, and running install.packages("Matrix") there.

Hi, restarting the session and installing the package does not seem to work.
Using lmer or glmer leads back to the error:
Error in initializePtr() :
function 'cholmod_factor_ldetA' not provided by package 'Matrix'

This StackOverflow thread

says that you need to reinstall both lme4 and Matrix from CRAN. Please read that thread and see if that solution works for you.

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