Error related to Tax4Fun

Hi guys,
I am having error trying to run the example data of the package Tax4Fun. Below follows the code and error message. I have compiled Diamond accordin to the wiki of the developer and it went ok.

assignFunction(genome_folder = "MoreProkaryoticGenomes", file_extension = "fasta", path_to_reference_data = "Tax4Fun2_ReferenceData_v2", num_of_threads = 1, fast = TRUE, path_to_diamond_binary_mac = "/Applications/diamond-0.9.24/bin")
sh: line 1: 38749 Abort trap: 6 Tax4Fun2_ReferenceData_v2/TOOLS/diamond_v0.9.24/diamond.macos help 2> /dev/null
Error in assignFunction(genome_folder = "MoreProkaryoticGenomes", file_extension = "fasta", :
Mac users might need to re-compile diamond. Please check the Tax4Fun2 wiki for help.
Além disso: Warning message:
In system(command = paste(path_to_diamond, "help"), intern = T, :
execução do comando 'Tax4Fun2_ReferenceData_v2/TOOLS/diamond_v0.9.24/diamond.macos help 2>/dev/null' teve status 134

MacOs 10.12.6
Xcode 9.2
Rstudio 1.2.5042

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