'Error Retrieving Help' RStudio

I downloaded the 2023.03.0 RStudio IDE and run into an issue with the help tooltip. I get an error when using the Help Tooltip after I mutate a data.frame and change all date variables from characters to dates using as.Date. When scrolling through the variables eventually this error pops up in a window:
The error will pop up when I use the help tooltip, similar to the gif from this source: 'Error Retrieving Help' on rcmdcheck::rcmdcheck_process · Issue #12568 · rstudio/rstudio · GitHub
The difference between the gif and my error is that mine pops up when scorlling through the variables on the help tooltip.


I have exactly the same issue. It's so annoying that I switched to older rstudio version. I use Windows 10.

Same error here. But intermittent. Just got it in when typing in code

Same for me. Very annoying.

Discovered this link Error Box: Error Retrieving Help · Issue #12918 · rstudio/rstudio · GitHub describes the same problem and is being currently addressed. Other than rolling back to a previous version of Rstudio, I am not seeing anything to resolve this problem.

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