Error running "./install-dependencies-debian" on Raspbian Stretch

I'm trying to compile rstudio on raspbian stretch but I'm getting this error while the script ./install-dependencies-debian is installing Qt

Installing Qt, this will take a while.
 - Ignore warnings about QtAccount credentials and/or XDG_RUNTIME_DIR.
 - Do not click on any Qt setup dialogs, it is controlled by a script.
./install-qt-sdk: line 137: /tmp/ 
cannot execute binary file: Incorrect executable format

I believe I need to manually install a Qt version that is compatible with armhf architecture but I don't know which version, does any body can give me a hint about this?

Reading the script I realized that I don't need qt if I'm compiling rstudio server so I can just do ./install-dependencies-debian --exclude-qt-sdk

But, if anybody wants to compile desktop version I found this github repo with Qt versions precompiled for raspbian strech, I believe that rstudio uses 5.11.1 but I have not tested this myself.

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