error running pdflatex.exe (exit code -1073740791)

On my old laptop I could use knitr to create pdf files from Rnw files. On my new laptop, compilation of the Rnw file to a tex file works well (and I can convert this tex file to a pdf file in Winedt without problems) but in Rstudio I get the following error message:

[1] "Part2.tex"
Running pdflatex.exe on Part2.tex...failed
Error running C:/Program Files/MiKTeX/miktex/bin/x64/pdflatex.exe (exit code -1073740791)

The pdflatex.exe file is indeed located in that directory, which is also in the PATH, but it still does not work?

How to solve this (or how to find out what the problem is)?

Can you have access to some log from MikTeX about the error ?

Is this only happening inside RStudio ?

It may be a known issue as I found

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