Error Saving File. User-mapped section open.

I am often seeing this Error Saving File message. The full description is:

The requested operation cannot be performed on a file with a user-mapped section open.

This started a few months ago and has only gotten worse. I recently updated to 1.3.1073 and I am still having the issue.

The problem starts after saving a file. Then I get this message if I try to save again for possibly seconds, minutes or even hours. The time seems random with extremely long times being rare.

Sorcing the file or not does not make a difference just saving.

I tried several recommended steps such as restarting explorer, disabling anti-virus and nothing helped.

I found only one solution to this. If I close the file in Rstudio discarding the changes, and then open it I can make changes and save it, but then I have to close again.

I also discovered that I can freely save in any other editor other that Rstudio without issue. The issue seems to be isolated to Rstudio only.

My system is Windows 7 Pro 64 bit and I have been using it with Rstudio for years without this issue.

Is nobody else having this issue? I am now seeing it in every file in every project.

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