Error: series has no regular pattern

I am trying out weather forecasting on R.
This is my work so far:



#prepare historical data
historical = xts(chn[,c("TMAX","TMIN","PRCP")],$DATE))

historical = ts_regular(historical)

historical = na.fill(historical, "extend")

historical = window(historical, start=as.Date("2010-01-01"), end=as.Date("2022-05-16"))

monthly.tmax = period.apply(historical$TMAX, INDEX = seq(1, nrow(historical) - 1, 30.4375), FUN = mean)

plot(ts_ts(monthly.tmax), col="darkred", ylim=c(20, 100), 
     lwd=3, bty="n", las=1, fg=NA, ylab="TMAX (F)")

grid(nx=NA, ny=NULL, lty=1)

I get an error ouput: series has no regular pattern. I tried figuring out what it means to fix it. But I am stomped

I downloaded the csv file from NOAA: Search | Climate Data Online (CDO) | National Climatic Data Center (NCDC)

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