ERROR system error 2 (No such file or directory) when set server-multiple-sessions=0

Hi All,

I want to ask about RStudio Server Pro, so right now we are having trouble when setting this parameter in rserver.con


after we add that parameter and restart rstudio-server, when user login there are this error

27 Mar 2019 11:05:57 [rsession-username] ERROR system error 2 (No such file or directory) [path=/tmp/rstudio-rsession/]
OCCURRED AT: open_w@core/FilePath.cpp#1132
LOGGED FROM: int main@session/SessionMain.cpp#3340

can someone help to solve this issue?


This looks like a question related to RStudio Server Pro, and as such, you're welcome to file a support ticket for it at

That said, there may be a few things you can investigate right away.

  • Is it possible that some users were running multiple sessions at the time you made the change to the configuration file? If so, those sessions may have been restored after the restart, which would violate the new setting. If you run rstudio-server force-suspend-all from a terminal on the host machine, then restart the server, is the user then able to log in?
  • Can the user login successfully to the Home page, http://[server-address]:[server-port]/home ? Can they start a new session from there?
  • For the sessions mentioned in the log, have you checked their PIDs to see whether these are old sessions hanging around, or new sessions being created after the server restart?

If you continue to have trouble, please log a support ticket at the link above, and we'd be happy to help you further.

Have a great day!

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