Error : undefined columns selected

Dear people ,

I tried the following part of a syntax with a set of 70 cases and it works for the first 48 cases but gives me the error "undefined colums selected" before case 49 even though the columns are the same as in the 48 cases before.

files <- list.files(pattern = "\.csv")<-data.frame(matrix(NA, nrow=0, ncol=7))
names(<-c("ID","Session","Phase","Start.Time" ,"End.Time", "C.SCL","T.SCL")
for (i in 1:length(files)){
mydata <- read.csv(files[i])
names(mydata2)<-c("ID","Session","Phase","Start.Time" ,"End.Time", "C.SCL","T.SCL")<-rbind(,mydata2)
print(paste("File: ", files[i]," ;", i," out of ",length(files),"(",((i/length(files))*100),"%)",sep=""))

Version:1.0 StartHTML:0000000107 EndHTML:0000001720 StartFragment:0000000127 EndFragment:0000001702

`> 1] "File: 48-1-I.csv ;434 out of 664(65.3614457831325%)" [1] "File: 48-2-BL.csv ;435 out of 664(65.5120481927711%)" [1] "File: 48-3-BL.csv ;436 out of 664(65.6626506024096%)" [1] "File: 48-3-I.csv ;437 out of 664(65.8132530120482%)" [1] "File: 48-4-BL.csv ;438 out of 664(65.9638554216867%)" [1] "File: 48-4-I.csv ;439 out of 664(66.1144578313253%)" [1] "File: 48-5-BL.csv ;440 out of 664(66.2650602409639%)" [1] "File: 48-5-I.csv ;441 out of 664(66.4156626506024%)" [1] "File: 48-6-BL.csv ;442 out of 664(66.566265060241%)" [1] "File: 48-6-I.csv ;443 out of 664(66.7168674698795%)"

Error in [.data.frame(mydata, , 2:5) : undefined columns selected`


Hopefully I provided you with enough information. I appreciate every hint concerning my potential error.

Thank you in advance and best regards


The error message suggest that there is a problem with your data, maybe the format of that specific file is different from the others (the separator character could be different) but we can't know for sure since we don't have access to the file and you are just showing a screenshot.

Hey Andres,

thanks a lot for your reply, i'd like to give you access to my files. Since im rather new to this site: How can I give you access?

Best regards

When I run my Syntax, the error occurs somewhere between 48-6-I and 49-2-BL

Could you post a couple lines of both csv files to have an idea of its structure? (the actual character string, not rows copied from Excel)

Alternatively, you could post a link to those csv files using some cloud storage service like Dropbox for Google Cloud

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