Error: unexpected symbol - using R

I 'm a beginner in R. I try typing the following :
g <- 5i +5
the result is : [1] 5+ 5i
However, when typing :
g <- 5h + 5
Error: unexpected symbol in "g <- 5h +5"
I don't know the reason it causes that error.

Thank you,

By using i in the first example, you are making a complex number.

g <- 5i + 5
[1] 5+5i
[1] "complex"

The letter h does not have that special meaning and so causes an error. What are you trying to do with 5h + 5?

Do you mean 5h is "5 times h" with h is a numeric constant value/vector? If so then use * as g <- 5*h+5

Thank you for your reply. Those are examples that I made to understand the reason.

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