Error: Unhandled Exception: Child Task 1006678393 failed: Error downloading bundle: Error fetching bundle: Connection closed

Trying to deploy a shiny app that works locally, but not on the . I think the problem has to do with the size of my folder.

[1] 5190438593

[1] 6

[1] ".RData" "app.R" "data/0.3_Seurat.Rds"
[4] "data/0.5_Seurat.Rds" "data/fragments.tsv.gz" "data/fragments.tsv.gz.tbi"

Initially it failed because of too small options(rsconnect.max.bundle.size=...):

Error in bundleFiles(appDir) :
The directory /home/mav508/app-DRG_Tracks cannot be deployed because it is too large (the maximum size is 5145728000 bytes). Remove some files or adjust the rsconnect.max.bundle.size option.

But then I adjusted it so that it is bigger than my folder size.

Now it just hangs for a long time on "Uploading bundle for application: 4605533..." and eventually returns me the error:

P.S. I have a paid account which is basic plan (8GB max allows). Reducing the size of the files uploaded is not an option for me.