Error updating Shiny App - Wrong version number on deployment

Dear RStudio team,
first, thank you for your fantastic work and the resources you provide.

I have an app running under and there is a problem on updating it. The app is based on cNORM. The current version of cNORM is 1.1.8 and the last official release to CRAN was 1.1.5. When trying to deploy the updated shiny app from RStudio, shinyapps tries to load version 1.1.7 from CRAN which is not available and that results in the following error:

Unhandled Exception: Child Task 597386026 failed: Error building image: Error fetching cNORM (1.1.7) source. <CRANPackageSource repo=''> unable to satisfy package: cNORM (1.1.7)

Is there a cache I can clear or force shinyapps to use the current available version of the package?

Thanks and with best regards,
W. Lenhard

Using rsconnect::deployApp() on the console worked (instead of publishing via the "Publish"-icon in RStudio).

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