Error uploading data

I am new in R and first time uploading big data but unable to upload I think due to a 1 GB RAM issue or else please guide me on how to upload data because I cannot complete my Capstone project. Please any one guide me how to upload below files on Rstudio Clourd.

jun_22 <- read.csv("Case_Study/202206-divvy-tripdata.csv")

jul_22 <- read.csv("Case_Study/202207-divvy-tripdata.csv")

aug_22 <- read.csv("Case_Study/202208-divvy-tripdata.csv")

sep_22 <- read.csv("Case_Study/202209-divvy-tripdata.csv")

oct_22 <- read.csv("Case_Study/202210-divvy-tripdata.csv")

nov_22 <- read.csv("Case_Study/202211-divvy-tripdata.csv")

dec_22 <- read.csv("Case_Study/202212-divvy-tripdata.csv")

jan_23 <- read.csv("Case_Study/202301-divvy-tripdata.csv")

feb_23 <- read.csv("Case_Study/202302-divvy-tripdata.csv")

mar_23 <- read.csv("Case_Study/202303-divvy-tripdata.csv")

apr_23 <- read.csv("Case_Study/202304-divvy-tripdata.csv")

may_23 <- read.csv("Case_Study/202305-divvy-tripdata.csv")

Error as Below.

The previous R session was abnormally terminated due to and unexpected crash

You may have lost workspace data as a result of this crash.

RStudio may not have restored the previously active project as a precaution. You may switch back to it using the Projects menu.


I am not working with the cloud, but, if your data are huge, one possibility can be to use the data.table package or at least use the data.table::fread()function to read your data

You can have a quick look here: The fastest way to Read and Writes file in R | R-bloggers

You can also look for the cheetsheet :

Hope you will get it :muscle:

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