Error when I load a csv file on biblioshiny "Object 'M' not found"

Hi everyone. I'm new in the R Studio world and doing my master's research, I ran the code and everything worked just fine. But, when I load a bibliometrix file in the web interface (opens in Mozilla Browser) shows this message: Error: object 'M' not found. Also, in the console I can read this:
Warning: Error in eventReactiveValueFunc: object 'M' not found
149: eventReactiveValueFunc [C:\Users\bruno\OneDrive\Documentos\R\win-library\4.1\bibliometrix\biblioshiny/server.R#321]
105: DATAloading
104: exprFunc [C:\Users\bruno\OneDrive\Documentos\R\win-library\4.1\bibliometrix\biblioshiny/server.R#330]

Does someone know what can I do to fix this?

Check those lines of code in the server.R file.

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