Error when install package princomp


I would like to install princomp package to proceed PCA analysis.
I install several times and it always shows the error message as below:

Warning in install.packages :
package ‘princomp’ is not available (for R version 3.5.2)

Is there anyone knows what's wrong with this?

Are you talking about the function princomp?

if so, it is already available in any R installation because this function is in the :package: stats. (library(stats))

there is no package princomp on CRAN

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Oh, YES! Such a begininer's question......
Thank you very much!

One more question, I try the princom with demo data, and it showes correct result.
But while I try my data by this command:
setwd("D:/Documents and Settings/bmb.trainee/My Documents/R")
test <- read.csv("test1.csv",header = T)
head(test) <- princomp(test,cor=TRUE)
it always show Error message as below:
Error in cov.wt(z) : 'x' must contain finite values only

What is this mean...
my data formate as below:
1 9.0 53 69
2 8.3 43 76
3 7.2 43 69
4 5.6 43 69
5 7.5 40 68
6 7.6 43 69


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