Error when trying to publish shiny app

I am trying to publish the app shiny. But the problem is that the output is an error: "An error has occurred. The application failed to start. Contact the author for more information".

In my script the database is upload from server amazon using mysql. My script is clean, funcional and it working localy at the moment.

I am connected using a code. This picture is just one piece the code.

Thank you for your answers.



Sorry but it is a little hard to understand your problem, let's clarify a couple things.

Are you deploying your app to Is your MySQL database hosted on an AWS EC2 instance?

My problem is that when I publish the app I get an error. It is probably because the database I use is in AWS and I connect from it. idk.


Ok if your database is hosted on an AWS EC2 instance you have to grant access to the database from's IPs.

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I have performed the above test and have obtained the following results

PD: Additionally I also connect from googlesheet.

That is not relevant to your issue, check what your app's logs say on

If you do not white list's IPs on AWS, the app is not going to be able to connect to your database and you have to grant permissions from the AWS console, not from R or

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