Error when trying to use RStudio via remote desktop (x2go)

I have two computers on two different networks, which I will call Server and Client. Server and Client both run Debian 9.5 and have x2go installed.

When I'm on Client machine, I use x2go to connect to Server machine. On Server, when I try to run rstudio.

    The X11 connection broke: Maximum allowed requested length exceeded (code 4)
    XIO:  fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on X server ":50.0"
          after 421 requests (421 known processed) with 0 events remaining.

Can I bypass this error to run RStudio from Client via x2go?

x2go has some issues with certain X11 features. For instance not all X11 extensions work properly. I remember that when emacs switched from gtk2 to gtk3 by default it immediately started crashing in x2go sessions. The reason was some X11 extension (I think it was GLX - which emacs does not need) that gtk3 wanted to initialize by default. emacs fixed that issue on their side btw. I wonder that something similar might be happening with RStudio. Can you use RStudio Server instead of the Desktop?

I installed RStudio Server on both my Client and Server machines. It runs on both. On my Client machine, I opened a web browser and entered http://73.49.35.XX:8787/ in the address bar. (XX is the last two digits of my Server machine's public-facing IP that I got by running curl on the terminal of that machine.) The browser spends forever trying to load the server, then fails.

I can connect to my Server from my Client via SSH. But I can't connect by browser to the RStudio Server port.

Is you server behind a firewall? You'd need to allow incoming connections to port 8787.

Ah. How would I do that but only allow my laptop? I guess I’d need an SSH key...

How much control do you have over the environment? Here are a few options: