Error while installing devtools

Dear All,
I am unable to load devtools. I get the following error:

Loading required package: usethis

I have installed Rcpp, rlang, fs. But the problem persists. Please help.

Which problem does persist? So far this is expected behavior.

Error not solved. usethis ??

The message "Loading required package: usethis" means that an additional required package is being loaded. In this case the usethis package, c.f. So it's not a message trying to tell you to use something else/in addition but breaking up in the middle. Does that clear the confusion?

Thanks, do I need to do something?

No. So far all you have shown us is expected behavior. So there is no need to take action unless some part of devtools does not work as expected.

So, I gather I am all set to work in RStudio.