Error while loading tidyverse, please help.

I am currently attending a data analytics course at my university. The main tool of the course is RStudio, and we have just started learning. In one of the lectures we were told to install tidyverse. I did as I was told, but when trying to load the package I recieve this error:

Error: package or namespace load failed for ‘tidyverse’ in namespaceExport(ns, exports):
undefined exports: across, add_count, add_count_, add_rownames, add_tally, add_tally_, all_equal, all_vars, anti_join, any_vars, arrange, arrange_, arrange_all, arrange_at, arrange_if, as.tbl, auto_copy, bench_tbls, between, bind_cols, bind_rows, c_across, case_when, changes, check_dbplyr, coalesce, collect, combine, common_by, compare_tbls, compare_tbls2, compute, copy_to, count, count_, cumall, cumany, cume_dist, cummean, cur_column, cur_data, cur_data_all, cur_group, cur_group_id, cur_group_rows, current_vars, db_analyze, db_begin, db_commit, db_create_index, db_create_indexes, db_create_table, db_data_type, db_desc, db_drop_table, db_explain, db_has_table, db_insert_into, db_list_tables, db_query_fields, db_query_rows, db_rollback, db_save_query, db_write_table, dense_rank, desc, dim_desc, distinct, distinct_, distinct_all, distinct_at, distinct_if, distinct_prepare, do, do_, dplyr_col_modify,
In addition: Warning message:
S3 methods ‘$<-.grouped_df’, ‘[.fun_list’, ‘[.grouped_df’, ‘[.rowwise_df’, ‘[<-.grouped_df’, ‘[<-.rowwise_df’, ‘[[<-.grouped_df’, ‘names<-.grouped_df’, ‘names<-.rowwise_df’, ‘’, ‘add_count.default’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘arrange_.tbl_df’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘as.tbl.tbl’, ‘as_tibble.grouped_df’, ‘as_tibble.rowwise_df’, ‘’, ‘cbind.grouped_df’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘common_by.NULL’, ‘common_by.character’, ‘common_by.default’, ‘common_by.list’, ‘’, ‘copy_to.DBIConnection’, ‘copy_to.src_local’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘default_missing.default’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘distinct_.grouped_df’, ‘distinct_.tbl_df’, ‘do.NULL’, ‘’, ‘do.grouped_df’, ‘do.rowwise_df’, ‘do_.NULL’, ‘’, ‘do_.grouped_df’, ‘do_.rowwise_df’, ‘’, ‘dplyr_col_modify. [... truncated]

Can someone please help me. Been trying different solutions, nothing works. Yes, I have checked the box for installing dependencies.

do you get any errors when you use code to install it ?

install.packages("tidyverse",dependencies = TRUE)

if so the most helpful are the earliest errors, i.e. the ones that appear up top of the output log.

I still get the same errors with your code...
Is it possible that the problem arise because of me saving the files in OneDrive?

Yes, it's likely. It is known that R has problems with cloud synced folders but we can't know for sure if that is your issue since you have truncated the console output before it gets to the useful part.

I have now reinstalled R, RStudio and RTools completely. This seemed to solve the problem, therefore I believe the errors emerged because of the documents folder was backed up in OneDrive.

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