Error with function CLD

Good Morning,

I want to know how I can fix this error on my code .

I'm running RStudio 4.0.0 , when I try to call the function CLD it give's me this error.

I also had in the past this issue and the way I fix it was just reinstalling R and RStudio but this time also after trying again to do this procedure , I was not able.

Also calling the multcomp package before the CLD function is not working ..

Thank you

R is a case sensitive language.
library multcomp has a function cld, but does not have a function CLD

I'm really not expert on it , but there is difference between cld and CLD ?

I mean they are 2 different functions or ?

Thank you


how can I say it clearer...
There is no CLD, don't write CLD
There is cld. make sure you write cld, and not CLD

good luck.

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