Error with Loading Saved Keras Model in Shiny App



.. Greeting Everyone,

I am newbie to ML...i have been learning to built model based on Keras in R and integrating with Shiny app. My test project that i am trying to built is to classify images of forms that receive for processing in my organization. CNN model I have built works fine when loading model in R Script for Prediction. However when try to load the model in Shiny app, i am getting an error

Error: argument "filepath" is missing, with no default

Below is the code of shiny app that i am trying built. Please help with understanding what i am doing incorrectly.

Note: I have tried to call model from within server function / outside of the as well. Both produce the same error.

#pmodel <- load_model_weights_hdf5("E:\Sriram\shiny\image_classifier.h5")

ui <- fluidPage("Hello World",
fileInput(inputId = "imgfile",label = "Upload Your Image file",accept = c(".jpg",".jpeg")),
"Printing Results",

server <- function(input,output)

output$Page <- renderImage({
src <- input$imgfile
src <- src$datapath
list(src = src,
height = "300",
alt = "This is alternate text")

output$result <-renderText({
pmodel <- load_model_weights_hdf5("E:\Sriram\shiny\image_classifier.h5")
rimg <- img
x <- array_reshape(rimg,c(1,100,100,3))
prob <- pmodel %>%
pred <- pmodel%>%
c<-c('HCFA','UB','Dental','Superbill-HCFA','Superbill-UB','Medicare', 'COB', 'Attach','Blank','EOB','MEOB')
paste("Image uploaded is -> %s Page with accuary of %s %%",c[pred])


shinyApp(ui = ui, server = server)`library(shiny)


To save and load a full model you use save_model_hdf5()/load_model_hdf5() rather than the weights variation as you have done here.


thanks.It is working now.


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