Error with R.h file

Hi, really not sure where to put this. I've been working on some C code and using a package called cOde. I've been getting warnings where I shouldn't have been and it looks like there's extra letters added in the header file R.h (ERR). I accessed my own file on my computer and removed the offending letters, so my own compiled code worked. package cOde isn't working well because of this (I'm getting NaN's at the tail end of my code, when deSolve converges for the same system of ODE's, they should be nearly the same if not exactly the same) as it seems to access R.h elsewhere. Here's an example of what's going on.

state<-c(x=1, y=1, z=1)
parms=c(a=-8/3, b=-10, c=28)
f<-c(x="a*x+y*z", y="b*(y-z)", z="x*y+c*y-z")
# it's this next function where the warning comes up

out2<-odeC(state, times, func, parms)

I'm not really sure where to inform of this error, or if it is on everyone's computer. So any advice would be great.

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