Error with rendering a distill blog

Hello! I am trying to create a blog post through the distill package but keep getting this error

Rendering: ./blog.rmd
Error: The collection 'posts' does not have an article listing.
(try running render_site() to generate the listing)
Execution halted

Exited with status 1.

I have reinstalled R and Rstudio, and when other people run my code its fine and they can access my website.

Im at a bit of a loss at what to troubleshoot next....


sorry for the delay on this.

Is this still an issue ? Can you share more about your website ? Can we have access and run it ?

Something must be wrong with the configuration somewhere.


Thanks for the reply, I ended up deleting the entire project and redownloading it from my Github page. That worked.


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Thanks for the feedback !