Errors in Sub Set Model and and Lasso Model


We are trying to use the best subset model and the lasso model however we get the following error for the models:

For bestsubset:
Error in leaps.exhaustive(a, really.big): Exhaustive seach will be S L O W, must specify really.big=T

Lasso error:
There were missing values in resampled performance measues

The models looks as follows:

best.subset=regsubsets(y_High~ . -X - y_Low - y_Today - y_Direction, data = train, nvmax =5)


lasso= train(y_High~ . -X - y_Low - y_Today - y_Direction, data = train, method = "glmnet", trControl = myControl, tuneGrid = expand.grid(alpha = 1, lambda = seq(0.0001, 1, length = 20))) 

How are we available to fix those errors?

Our training data has 1400 observations with 96 variables

Simply include ",really.big=T" after nvmax=5