Errors 'undefined columns selected' and 'no individual index' (mlogit)

I am working with a conjoint dataset and estimating multinomial logit models. To work with the mlogit package I had to convert the data, which I did like this:

dat <-, choice="Selection_dummy", shape="long", alt.var="Alt_id", id = "Resp_id")

After converting the data, estimating the MNL model works fine. However, when I want to estimate a latent class model this provides the error that there is no individual index:

lc2<- gmnl(Selection_dummy ~ aa + ab + ba + bb + bc + ca + cb + cc + da + db + ea + eb + None | 0 | 0 | 0 | 1, data = dat, model = 'lc', Q = 2, panel = TRUE, method = "NR")

Error in gmnl(Selection_dummy ~ aa + ab + : No individual index

I think this might have to do with converting the dataset, because after converging it to work with the mlogit package, I cannot view the dataset anymore as it retrieves the following error:


Error in [.data.frame (x, start:min(NROW(x), start + len)) : undefined columns selected
Error in [.data.frame (x, start:min(NROW(x), start + len)) : undefined columns selected

I can't seem to find the issue, so does someone know what's going wrong here and how it can be solved?

Thanks a lot in advance!

See the FAQ: How to do a minimal reproducible example reprex for beginners. A question such as this is difficult to address in the abstract.

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