ESEM: correlations among factors

I'm using the package "esemComp" to run ESEM and "lavaan" to fit my ESEM model.

EFA with GeominQ rotation

esem_efa <- esem_efa(data,5, fm='ml')

Set ESEM model

referents <- find_referents(esem_efa,factor_names = c("ML1","ML4","ML3","ML5","ML2"))

Pass EFA object and referents to syntax composer

esem_model <- syntax_composer(esem_efa, referents)

Fit ESEM model

esem_fit <- cfa(esem_model, data = data,
summary(esem_fit, fit.measures = T, standardized = T)

The output gives the covariances between the factors like this:
Estimate Std.Err z-value P(>|z|) Std.all
ML1 ~~
ML4 0.404 0.067 6.072 0.000 0.404 0.404
ML3 0.227 0.078 2.895 0.004 0.227 0.227
ML5 0.127 0.104 1.227 0.220 0.127 0.127
ML2 0.139 0.070 1.987 0.047 0.139 0.139

Is there any way to get the correlations among the factors as well?
Or is it possible to convert the covariances into correlations somehow?

Thank you!

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