Estimate function for missing values


I'm trying to make estimates of missing values in my dataset.
In my dataset I have distance, time and speed
However, I am missing time and therefore speed data.
Is there a way to estimate time and speed from known data? Is it possible to create as a model on R to be able to have a theoretical time?

Here is an example of my dataset that I simplified. It is more complex in nature than that because it is more partitioned :

df <- tribble(
  ~time, ~depth, ~speed,  
  8, 400, 50, 
  15, 400, 26.67, 
  17.25, 390, 22.61, 
  23, 526, 22.87,
  NA, 330, NA, 
  NA, 240, NA, 

Created on 2022-05-17 by the reprex package (v2.0.1)

Thanks very much


I think you might want to check out the mice package. It has great functions for both showing where the missing values are and replacing them.

Here is a starter tutorial: Handling missing data with MICE package; a simple approach | DataScience+

Hope this helps,

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