Estimating EVT for VaR with Maximum Likelihood

Hello everybody!

my name is Oliver and I am a new member of the RStudio Community. At the moment I am writing a seminar paper about the VaR determined by the EVT.

Therefore I want to analyze the VaR (Minimum Return) for stock returns. I collected the data I need. With R I want to estimate the parameters for the Block-Maxima-Method with Maximum Likelihood. Furthermore I want to check the robustness of the estimators so that I can finally use the estimators to determine the VaR.

Unfortunately I have never worked with R before, so everything is completely new for me.

I know that, in best case, there is already a package or a code from someone who already worked on a similar topic as me so that I can use this to put in my data.

Is there anyone who can help me?


Poor you!