Even after loading SASmarkdown library, sas language doesn't get displayed in code chunk languages & throws error if called externally

Please ask your questions about R Markdown here.https://community.rstudio.com/t/issue-with-sasmarkdown-package-to-run-sas-code-on-rstudio/93686?u=divyaa

To run code chunks within an rmarkdown or quarto document two basics are essential: a chunk that is "well-formed" in that it has the delimiters and identifies the language in which to execute the chunk and the ability to invoke the program to do the execution.

So, I don't have a local SAS installation, and no matter how good my chunk was, I'd never be able to knit it because I don't have anything to execute the code in the chunk. Just the same if I am running the job in the cloud on or a network RStudio server—the host has to be able to invoke and execute the language called in the chunk.

Under the heading anything's possible, a remote host without a SAS executable could outsource that process to another host somewhere that did have one and await the output to complete rendering. In the world most of us inhabit that's not going to happen, especially with a proprietary language like SAS, which has their own version to sell.

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you are right, I was not understanding the reason behind the error. Because it was a simple code taken from SASmarkdown helper page

But now I understood, Thank you

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