Everything inside the project got deleted


I was working on a base project consisting of multiple folders and files.

I'm not sure what happened but all the contents of the project somehow got deleted. The only thing that remains is an empty Project. Even the file project.Rproj is deleted, so that the project became unusable.

It's my fault for not using version control I guess, but this seems like an important issue nonetheless.

It's unlikely I deleted 4 folders (data/, rmd/, src/, doc/) along with all the project files by accident. I did not call any terminal command either.

What could have caused this?
I can share more information with the RStudio team if needed but I can't publicize the project contents on the internet (not that it's possible now anyway).

Hi @gontcharovd,

Sorry to hear about this. Can you please share the URL of your project and we can take a look?

Thank you,


No worries, here is the link: https://rstudio.cloud/spaces/94002/project/1707378
(I created a new base project and only keeping this project to investigate what went wrong.)

Kind regards,



I checked the status of your project. I see a couple of files present in the /cloud/project directory (test.Rmd, test.html). There are also many packages installed, but I don't see the folders you mentioned. It is possible they were written to a different directory?


Hello Andy,

the folders are not present anymore because they got deleted somehow.
This deletion was unintended.
Is it possible to see by which operation they were deleted?

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