Example or best practices on how to integrate bash executables in R package

Hi all,

I want to develop a package which will have bash executables that can be called by its functions using, for example, processx.

However, I would like to have some examples and if possible a good reference on good practices on how to interface bash executable functions in an R package.

Something like https://colinfay.me/node-r-package/ on how to wrap node.js modules in an R package would be perfect, but just general pointers or an example of an R package already doing this would be extremely useful at this point!

Does anyone know anything?

Thank you very much :smile:


I don't know of an exhaustive resource but to find examples you could use GitHub search, e.g. https://github.com/search?l=&o=desc&q=org%3Acran+user%3Acran++extension%3Ash&s=indexed&type=Code

It might also help to look at reverse dependencies of processx via its CRAN page.

I hope to read about better tips in this thread. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the tips!

Never thought about this and it will be useful for this project and for others in the future! Pretty neat use of github's search engine!

Thank you very much!

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