Execute runtime: shiny_prerendered on a network location

I built up a shiny solution that is placed in a R-markdown file.
I use runtime: shiny_prerendered

When I do that obviously the code wants to create an html file within the directory but since it is on a network location I do recieve and error:

      Error in shiny_prerendered_prerender(input_rmd, rendered_html, output_dir,  : 
      Unable to write prerendered HTML file to \\
    Calls: <Anonymous> ... shiny_prerendered_html -> shiny_prerendered_prerender
    Execution halted

It seems the issue here is that it tries to write to incorrectly specified directory - starting with "\\", rather than "\\\\", for example.

Couple of notes:

  • When I move the solution to my local pc - works perfectly fine
  • Everywhere in the code I'm using relative path of the sort "data.R", rather than "\\\\\\Main\\2.Applications\\Program\\Data.R" since I'm about to move this to shinyapps.io
  • If I use runtime:shiny it again works perfectly fine on the server but this is probably due to no need to write down a file.

Any idea how to change the path for the html file or other workaround?
I have rights to write on this network location - that's for sure.

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