Executing inline code crashes RStudio Preview /bis

Regarding this closed topic Executing inline code crashes RStudio Preview - R Markdown - RStudio Community

I still get the "error", it is not reproducible cause it happens seemingly at random after an hour of working with the same document. RStudio Version 1.4.1725

I add some new points:

  • After the crash RMD doc seems unable to be saved (* after the name in tab) but it does, maybe for the automatic saving.
  • Reloading RStudio (that has to be forcefully closed) doesn't help. Only a full system reboot helps.

I try to make a video when it happens

If you want to try the latest Preview, it is 2021.19.0 (note the change from "semantic versioning" to "calendar based versioning"). It is now "Ghost Orchid" rather than "Juliet Rose".

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