export in XLSX data frame colour condition

Hello everybody,

I wolud like to print follow data frame to excel with a conditional cells print.I have this data frame:

df <- data.frame(id       = sample(1:100, 20, replace = TRUE),
                 inputval = sample(seq(0, 1, by=0.01), 20, replace = TRUE),
                 outcome  = sample(1:4, 20, replace = TRUE))

And I would like to get the same data frame whit elements of column "id" red painted depends on this condition:

If inputval*outcome>2 then i would like to print the cell of "Id" with red colour in xlsx.

For example, the inputval[2]*outcome[2]=2.22 so I would like that the cell of Id[2]=72 be painted in the xlsx.

I have tried the "openxlsx" package:

conditionalFormatting(wb, "Sheet", cols = ncol(df),
                      rows = nrow(df), rule = "#", style = warm1Style,
                      type = "contains")

but i can't put a function in a "rule" parametre to identify the "Id" to paint with:

saveWorkbook(wb, file, overwrite = TRUE)

Thank you in advance!

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