External .css file - Where can I place ?

I'd like to know where can I put my .css file and how can I call it. I'm trying like this, with no success:
(in ui.R) :

  tags$link(rel = "stylesheet", type="text/css", href="www/styles.css"),
  h1("This is my app title!", align = "center")

With www folder in the same level as ui.R file.

Hello @Ninja2112. I have found success keeping the .css file in the same level as the ui.R file and doing the following:

  theme = "style.css",
  h1("This is my app title!", align = "center")

Thanks, man, but still doesn´t work.

My apologies. The style.css file is actually in the www folder for the example I provided, not at the ui.R level. However, no reference to "www/" is needed in theme =. Does that work for you?

Still doesn't work. It is a global reference, ok ?
I'm using
Could it be due to the hierarchy ? The file is in the same level as ui.

Did you try moving it back to the www folder?

Yes...by putting www folder in the same level as .css file

the css file should be within a www folder, which itself should be within your app folder

Whether the default resource publishing via the www folder is done or not, depends on how your app is launched. Please see this related question.

Below is a look at an example app (app.R), CSS file (styles.css), folder structure, and the resulting app. If you have separate server.R, ui.R, and/or global.R files, they would be at the app.R level.



ui <- fluidPage(
  theme = 'styles.css',
      h2('This is my sidebar')
      h1("This is my app title!", align = "center")

server <- function(input, output) {}
shinyApp(ui, server)


h1 {color: red;}

folder structure

 - my_app_folder
 | - app.R
 | - www
   | - styles.css

Here is a view of the resulting app, which applies the CSS styling.

It worked when I put:
tags$link(rel = "stylesheet", type = "text/css", href = "styles.css")
Thank you, guys...

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