Extract dataset from a secure website into R

How can I extract data daily from a secured website that needs a username and password into R.
Any help is really appreciated.
Thank you

Can you provide more details, please?

Hi Ferran,
I'm working on a project where I have to export data from a password-protected website. I remember that we used to pull data (available in Excel) from another password-protected website using R program (There was only one report to be pulled).
For this project, there are 13 reports from 2 webpages, same website (Microsoft Access) that need to be pulled.
I was just wondering if these reports could be pulled in R?
Also, if this could be automated since it's an everyday task?
Thank you

This sound that you need R Selenium for make this or try with rvest.`

See this link for R selenium:

Sorry, I have never done that before. However, it must be possible to do so. The post from @M_AcostaCH seems to be useful for that!
Good luck

An alternative to RSelenium is chromote. I found it much easier to set up than Selenium (all you need is Chrome installed)

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Thank you adamsma. Are there any tutorials on chromote?

I'm not aware of any specific tutorials, but the README is pretty extensive. If you Google/search for "Chrome DevTools Protocol" tutorials there may be some out there for other languages. Generally, the translation from JS to R is using $ instead of . to access the object methods.

When I've processed login pages before, my general approach is to use the session's Runtime$evalutate method to just set the value of the id/password text boxes with javascript. Something along the lines of

  glue::glue('document.querySelector("#input_username").value = "{Sys.getenv("USER_ID")}"'

  glue::glue('document.querySelector("#input_password").value = "{Sys.getenv("USER_PASSWORD")}"')


with my id and password stored in environment variables. The DOM element ids may be different for your specific log in page