Facing trouble while Package Installation (“tidyverse” package)

I’m working on a course for that I need to install tidyverse package, while installing tidyverse I’m facing an error.

Please help, I need urgent help.


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Can you try and run it without the dependencies = TRUE. Also make sure you have internet connection and your system is not blocking installs (if you are at a work place, often installing of R packages is limited to admins only).

Hope this helps,

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Can you get to https://cran.rstudio.com/src/contrib/PACKAGES using your normal browser? If not, some permissions on your network may be blocking the installation, a situation similar to what was suggested by @pieterjanvc .


Sir, I had tried without dependencies too and also checked my net connection. But, the problem is not solved yet.
Thank You

Sir, I can access this link from my browser.

And, I also checked my net connection, but this error comes again and again.
Thank You

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This seems like a connectivity issue, R is not being able to connect to the CRAN repository you have selected, these are some things to try.

  • Choose a different CRAN repository, RStudios repository is a good choice (http://cran.rstudio.com/) or you could choose one that is geographically closer to you.
  • Disable secure download setting.
  • Check if your internet connection has traffic restrictions of some kind, like a firewall, proxy server, etc. This is usually the case when you are at work or school.

It worked,
Thank you :pray:t2:

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