failed to Render Text in HTML

Hi everyone, i need some help with my shinyapp. Im currently building an app that takes several input from HTML file to r server for some calculations and return the outcome back into the apps as text. I have managed to take the inputs and implement the calculation on the server side. However, after many tries, I still can't render the outcome as text in the applications.

This is how i develop the apps:

server <- function(input, output, session) {
        counter <- reactiveValues(test = 0)
        rural  <-  eventReactive(input$btn1,{
        print("button clicked")
                 ***calculation here *****
         score<- data.frame(A, Total)
        Trans$Sorted <- arrange(score,-Total)
        output$tabledata  <- renderText(HTML(

I have tried a lot of ways but I still can't render the Trans$Sorted text to HTML. Here is only the snapshot of the code. The algorithm/calculation is between 9-10k lines which is too much to post here. Any help is very much appreciated

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