Failing to Compile from Latex pdf

When attempting to knit a pdf from a LaTeX template for a .rmd file, I get the following error:

! Undefined control sequence.
l.665 \tightlist

Error: LaTeX failed to compile main.tex. See for debugging tips. See main.log for more info.
Execution halted

The doc knit without any issues until this morning and I can't quite figure out what the problem is. Can anyone help?

Hello @Liber, I do not know what caused this sudden change.

Maybe the answer of Heather Turner in this link works for you as a temporary solution.
I found it by just googling for 'latex tightlist undefined control sequence'

To which format are you compiling to ? rmarkdown::pdf_document() or another ?

This would help me know what is wrong. This command should be included in the template and available when you render. This is an issue if it's not

Can you share an example Rmd or at list the YAML header from you document ?

Certainly, here is my YAML header:

        template: sample-acmsmall.tex
        citation_package: natbib
bibliography: CSCW.bib
title: Sample Paper

Thank you!

This comes from here then: You are using a special template that is lacking the necessary definition for \tightlist command. This is used by Pandoc (depending on the type of list you are using - they can be tight or not I think)

See the default Pandoc's template you need to build on

You need to add those line in your custom template. (and maybe more depending on the feature you are / want to use). By using a custom template, you are in advanced mode and need to adapt it yourself based on Pandoc feature, with the pandoc version you are using.

It is easier to tweak the default template by inserting preamble, before body or after body, and activating / deactivation feature using variables.

Anyway, this should solve your issue

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