FAQ draft: Personally Identifiable Information


This is a draft FAQ for the website's privacy policy. Let me know what you think.

Personally identifiable information (PII) is important. PII refers to emails, phone numbers, full names, IPs, and other information that offers a direct connection between a user and who they are in real life.

Community.rstudio.com's full privacy policy may be found here.

Guideline on sharing PII in topics:

  • PII should only appear in user profiles.
  • PII should not appear in topics or reply posts.
  • If a user would like to refer to their personal information, we ask they do so with a reference to the information in their profile or via a private message.
  • There are exceptions. For example: Consultants referring business, businesses with job posts, people who are aware of the guidelines but feel a need to give PII anyway.
  • Please flag all cases where PII appears in a reply. If necessary, manually delete the offending information and let the user know.

Motivation for guideline:

  • This guideline hopes to offer people better control over their personal information. PII only appears in one place, which can change or be deleted.
  • Should someone wish to leave community.rstudio.com and remove their account, the default method is to anonymize the user and all posts. If one posted PII in a reply, they still have a link between who they are IRL and this anonymous user. (Users are free to delete posts, but they must do so manually.)