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Is this a good place to ask questions from homework problem sets?

tl:dr In general, this is not the appropriate place to ask verbatim homework questions - Posting whole or part of your assignment verbatim not allowed here. It may undercut your instructor’s course materials and it violates most schools' academic integrity policies.

Before You Post - If you have a question about your homework, we encourage you to first contact your course instructor or teaching assistants directly. Firstly, that is what they are there for. Also, your questions serve as good feedback to help them improve how they teach the course.

We do welcome "homework inspired" questions

If you have general questions about how to use R, the RStudio IDE, the tidyverse, where to find resources, or if you have a specific reproducible issue you’re trying to sort out (that is not your verbatim homework question), you may find friendly folks to point you in the right direction.

*Keep in mind Community.rstudio.com is a discussion forum for R, RStudio and the Tidyverse. It may not be the best place to get help with your specific problem. The community is more inclined to help lead you toward your solution, rather than explicitly solve it. Do not expect anyone here to do your work for you.

What about MOOCs and Online Materials?

Please do not post materials verbatim, even if materials come from an online course. Many here are happy to help you solve problems and learn to become better data scientists but do not want to offer a repository or copy-paste solutions.

How to Ask a Homework Related Question:

  1. Do not ask verbatim copy-paste questions (including from online courses)
  2. Explicitly mention the course you are taking.
  3. Be sure to ask your question as a reproducible example (reprex). Preferably using the reprex-package

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