FAQ: How to do a minimal reproducible example ( reprex ) for beginners

A minimal reproducible example consists of the following items:

  • A minimal dataset, necessary to reproduce the issue
  • The minimal runnable code necessary to reproduce the issue, which can be run
    on the given dataset, and including the necessary information on the used packages.

Let's quickly go over each one of these with examples:

Minimal Dataset (Sample Data)

You need to provide a data frame that is small enough to be (reasonably) pasted on a post, but big enough to reproduce your issue.

Let's say, as an example, that you are working with the iris data frame

#>   Sepal.Length Sepal.Width Petal.Length Petal.Width Species
#> 1          5.1         3.5          1.4         0.2  setosa
#> 2          4.9         3.0          1.4         0.2  setosa
#> 3          4.7         3.2          1.3         0.2  setosa
#> 4          4.6         3.1          1.5         0.2  setosa
#> 5          5.0         3.6          1.4         0.2  setosa
#> 6          5.4         3.9          1.7         0.4  setosa

Note: In this example we are using the built-in dataset iris, as a representation of your actual data, you should use your own dataset instead of iris, or if your problem can be reproduced with any dataset, then you could use iris directly (or any other built-in dataset e.g. mtcars, ToothGrowth, PlantGrowth, USArrests, etc.) and skip this step.

And you are having issues while trying to do a scatter plot between Sepal.Length and Sepal.Width, so a good minimal sample data for this case would be just the first 5 rows of those two variables, this doesn't mean that you have to necessarily do the same, use your best judgment to decide the minimal amount of sample data needed to exemplify your specific problem.

head(iris, 5)[, c('Sepal.Length', 'Sepal.Width')]
#>   Sepal.Length Sepal.Width
#> 1          5.1         3.5
#> 2          4.9         3.0
#> 3          4.7         3.2
#> 4          4.6         3.1
#> 5          5.0         3.6

Now you just need to put this into a copy/paste friendly format for been posted in the forum, and you can easily do it with the datapasta package.

# If you don't have done it already, You have to install datapasta first with
# install.packages("datapasta")
datapasta::df_paste(head(iris, 5)[, c('Sepal.Length', 'Sepal.Width')])
# This is the sample data that you have to use in your reprex.
      Sepal.Length = c(5.1, 4.9, 4.7, 4.6, 5),
       Sepal.Width = c(3.5, 3, 3.2, 3.1, 3.6)

A nice guide about datapasta can be found here:

You can also use dput provided in base, which is as simple as this:

dput(head(iris, 5)[c("Sepal.Length", "Sepal.Width")])
#> structure(list(Sepal.Length = c(5.1, 4.9, 4.7, 4.6, 5), Sepal.Width = c(3.5, 
#> 3, 3.2, 3.1, 3.6)), row.names = c(NA, 5L), class = "data.frame")

This output may seem awkward compared to the output of datapasta, but it's much more general in the sense that it supports many more types of R objects.

Minimal Runnable Code

The next step is to put together an example of the code that is causing you troubles, and the libraries that you are using for that code. Please narrow down your code to just the relevant and essential part needed to reproduce your issue.

library(ggplot2) # Make sure to include library calls for all the libraries that you are using in your example

# Remember to include the sample data that you have generated in the previous step.
df <- data.frame(stringsAsFactors = FALSE,
                 Sepal.Length = c(5.1, 4.9, 4.7, 4.6, 5),
                 Sepal.Width = c(3.5, 3, 3.2, 3.1, 3.6)
# Narrow down your code to just the problematic part.
ggplot(data = df, x = Sepal.Length, y = Sepal.Width) +
#> Error: geom_point requires the following missing aesthetics: x, y

Your Final reprex

Now that you have a minimal reproducible example that shows your problem, it's time to put it into a proper format to be posted in the community forum, this is very easy to do with the reprex package, just copy your code with Ctrl + c and run reprex() function in your console pane

# If you don't have done it already, You have to install reprex first with
# install.packages("reprex")

Now you can just do Ctrl + v in your forum post and voilà!, you have a properly formatted reprex like this:


df <- data.frame(stringsAsFactors = FALSE,
                 Sepal.Length = c(5.1, 4.9, 4.7, 4.6, 5),
                 Sepal.Width = c(3.5, 3, 3.2, 3.1, 3.6)
ggplot(data = df, x = Sepal.Length, y = Sepal.Width) +
#> Error: geom_point requires the following missing aesthetics: x, y


Note: The previous approach works if you are using a desktop version of RStudio but if you are using a server version (or you don't have access to your clipboard), you will have to select the code typed in the "source" pane and run the reprex() function without arguments in the "console" pane.


reprex is going to automatically detect an empty clipboard and use the current selection instead, then a .md file is going to be created in the "source" pane with your reproducible example properly formatted and ready to be copied and pasted into your forum post.

Another point to note here is that reprex does not run in your working directory by default. It creates a temporary working directory, and hence if you read files from your working directory using relative paths, you'll get a lot of errors. The preferable way of avoiding this is to share the data in a copy-paste friendly format using datapasta or dput (as discussed above). But in case you can't do that, you can force reprex to use the current working directory using the outfile = NA argument, this won't be reproducible as people will not have access to your local files, and hence you will have to share your data set using some cloud storage service, for example Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

The Answer

If you follow all these steps, most likely someone is going to copy your code into its R session, figure out what the problem is, in this example it would be that you forgot to put your variables inside the aes() function, and answer to you with a working solution like this.


df <- data.frame(stringsAsFactors = FALSE,
                 Sepal.Length = c(5.1, 4.9, 4.7, 4.6, 5),
                 Sepal.Width = c(3.5, 3, 3.2, 3.1, 3.6)

ggplot(data = df, aes(x = Sepal.Length, y = Sepal.Width)) +

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Generating a variable with the column sum of 'NA's in multiple given other variables
Technical analysis: Moving Averages, compute index for multiple stocks
In ggplot bar plot 2017 2018 2019(x axis limits) in that 2019 only have to be dynamic when the user change the date mentioned above
summarize string data using pipes
IF and then function in R
Error on rstudio cloud executing rstan example code
How to eliminate separate legend for geom_ribbon
How to manipulate character string for conditional rows
How can you convert a character to a time (hms) in RStudio?
Help with FOR-loop
how to control NAs in the data.frame?
survival analysis
Separating integers in a column
how to set my barplots results in ascending order?
Split in two periods
Split in two periods
R studio Aborts while running a code
Having Issues in Creating Time Series out of an unstructured dataset
arguments imply differing number of rows:3,2
group data by name
Is there a multicolumn for R?
Need help with interpreting a model parameters
Problems with BBsolve and returning a value
Error in select(Gender, HomeOwn) %>% filter(HomeOWn %in% c("Own", "Rent")) : could not find function "%>%"
I need so much help, it's not even funny.
Geographical Random Forest Error
Abline function
EOF for QBO (Quasi Biennial Oscillation)
Alphabetically sort list in each table row
using tidyverse for paired calculation from multiple data frames
ggplot,geom_bar, facet_wrap : How to define specific dates as x values, for each plot
stored procedure not returning data
How can I move graphs so they are paired together?
Shiny doesn't expect to click bar to render chart
How to save every answers in matrix with 2 for loops.
R-Code - Check duplication of a text column
Managing legend on ggplot2 plot with multiple graph types
Struggling to create a bar chart with the variable date
Parsing Lane Direction from Device Names of Varying Lengths
Get only orders where 2 products are bought within
ggplot facet_wrap edit strip labels
Having trouble rearranging levels
errors when using RSDA2SymbolicDA function from symbolicDA package
no functions found
Trouble scaling y axis to percentages from counts
Plot dataset on map
jagged contour lines in Violin plots - how to fix this?
Converting json to csv/xls error
simple subgroup analysis
Zero inflated distribution
Correcting variable names using stringr
Changing value using code of a specific row/column in a csv file
How to import data from email on R
Rstudio read csv file leading to the last column/variable in NA
Rescale Help + Finding The Average
how to install the "car" package in my RStudio?
plot using ggplot function
Scatterplot Matrix in R markdown
Error in R using lmer: boundary (singular) fit: see ?isSingular
Extracting time from dataframe
The ggplot function doesn't graph anything, but it doesn't throw errors either
Convert to time series
Object not found help
How to return a value corresponding to another variable's max/min among groups?
Data Frame Error
Can anyone help me with my R code?
data.frame() error
Problem with plots running principal component analysis with FactoMineR
No puedo instalar el paquete de chron en centos 7
use ggalluvial to draw Sankey, but an error occured:Error: Aesthetics must be either length 1 or the same as the data (122): fill
longer object length is not a multiple of shorter object length
Optimization - hill climbing - designing functions (travelling salesman problem with truck load)
Assign colors to different columns in PCA chart.
CV ridge regression plot
Temperature and rainfall graph
Trying to Filter and Sort NBA Players
Error: \uxxxx sequences not supported inside backticks (line 1)*
95% Confidence interval for overall survival
Calculating CI gives NA
Data orientation is Horizontal
Creating a % calculation to use in a plot
Text Mining with specific dictionary
Separating a bigram ending up with more columns than expected
Strange xlab, ylab and main
Problem with creating data visual
How to filter by missing data
How to extract columns from a row and save the output as a variable dplyr
Aesthetics must be either length 1 or the same as the data (50): y
How to mean a variable with condition in another variable (statement)
Analysis of binary variable
How to change the colors on of my ggplot
How to plot volcano plots without getting the not numeric error
Error in FUN(X[[i]], ...) : in hot deck package
Import data from different datasets using unique ID
Concatenate function
monthly boxplot of two stations in one graph
Code cause graphical problems
Having an unnesting issue
Help with group-by function
Values not working in scale_*_manual
How to remove appearing below column name(V1&V2)
Function with Rules
Merge two variables
Purrr and Mutate not working together?
Rmarkdown won't knit: missing aesthetics error
How to filter rows depending on the column?
Adding multiple graphs on the same plot
difftime between days not woking
Losing ability to graph a data frame after using cbind
tidyverse filter() statement make plot display horizontal?
How to use "mutate if " on selected columns
Aggregate command
Creating a crosstab of values from flat table
Error in mean of variable
Trendline and given Equation
ggplot x-axis limits order using factors
rmarkdown to pdf using to latex colors and ggplot
Select tree tops point by height
Correlation by category
Error with q plot
object not found error
sort won't work with my mosaicplot
Regression line wont plot on a simple plot, please help!
R is Arranging My Numbers Funky
I want to know how to extract data that i want without using %in%
Problem with source
Functional data analysis
Confusing dplyr::if_else error "`false` must be a `Date` object, not a `Date` object"
ggplot2_Modify axis label, move axis title, multiple graphs together
Multiple box plots
Converting from formula to numeric?
RStudio not showing values in plots problem
Add a set of dates to a column of accounts
how to read multipleexcel files with all sheets at once.Column names are same in each sheet.?
Multiple values for one column
Writing a length of the List
Add Post hoc result letters (from SNK.test) to boxplots
Error while executing CreateDataPartition function
Convert CSV file to matrix
Issue with raincloud plots
how to parse a json file from a txt
I need help, I have a question with doubleYScale
How to extract data from pdf files using R
xBarGenerator code giving me an error in RStudio
Problem with json of different column sizes
how to parse a json file from a txt
Remove Fill Value or Missing Value from Netcdf
how to parse a json file from a txt
Need help with packages quanteda and tidyverse!
How to Copy Cells from Excel into SelectizeInput (R Shiny)
How do I add the values of a Table
Help creating a function or loop to check for correct answers
Subsetting dataframe by changes in values by a threshold from one column to another
Add a column from another dataset under multiple conditions
filter with loop to create new dataframes
help to create a shiny app
Sorting By Date -- New To R
Working with bson in tibble
Error in plot.window(xlim, ylim, log, ...) : need finite 'ylim' values
Taking means using two criteria for the group_by argument
Join 2 dataframes but shows NA
remove columns with nas condition
Functions in dplyr generate errors such as Error in mutate_impl(.data, dots, caller_env()) : SET_VECTOR_ELT() can only be applied to a 'list', not a 'symbol'
t test on samples subset
Working with Time Series Data
how can i select columns of two dataframe
Shape characteristic in ggplot2
Creating a population mean variable/column in an existing dataset with individual values
Connecting Individual Observations across Trials
How to unlist and paste without the column ID
'pdfsearch' error "bad annotation destination"
H2o Error:verify_dataxy(training_frame, x, y, autoencoder) : invalid colomn names: i..
split into trials for multiple files
simulation stuck after iteration only when using more then one iterations with mclapply
rstudio help with knitting
R Studio Error when trying to generate plots
Random Effect Estimation Error
package installation-problem quanteda
Plot is not showing
How to replace "\0" with zero?
Replace values by conditions from different df
Define variable row to restructure data (to calculate robust Manova with WRS package)
Review analayse
Error in galax_samples_mx2[, 6] : subscript out of bounds
**text* does not generate bold text in html
ggcoxdiagnostics warning message
Plotting time on y-axis
Two-way table with Latent Class variable
Adding shape-legend to ggplot2
Use my polygons as cluster for markers
Create likert plot with two groups in R
error in data.frame
Selecting/Deselecting traces from code
Average variables and create line graph
digest Package turns me crazy - need help urgently
digest Package turns me crazy - need help urgently
Calculate the average daily and monthly
building R package
R shiny run time error
Assigning a variable to the value of a cell from a reactive rendered table pulled from a MySQL query
How to make line graph with different variables at X axis using ggplot
display of hex colors not consistent with company style
Findinterval Error
store variables from foreach
How to split a variable?
How to create a column with the sum ggplot
Error in sum: invalid 'type' (list) of argument
Error in writing if else statement
anova_test: Each row of output must be identified by a unique combination of keys
Creating a ggplot of a map with categorised data overlayed
The column `Condition` doesn't exist. Even though I can see the column is there!
Subset Error Help
Input Data Must Be Numeric????
How can I add tags to my points on a PCA with ggplot2?
Aggregating data and showing in another column
Plotting three variables using ggplot
Need to tidy data imported from Excel
Putting different plots into one single plot
Using inverseA with a phylo object
Changing values in a column, when column label contains a number
Strange mulptiple plots in one graph
simple bar plot with side by side bars - Female vs Male
Counting between dates
Use character vector in subtitle of ggplot
ggplot - Adjust label colors and backgrounds for geom_line layered over geom_bar
Plot is not coming up in Plot Area
Importing time (hh:mm:ss) data from Excel to R as minutes
Create new columns and change names
Empty SpatialPolygonsDataFrame object passed and will be skipped
Different GGplot on RMarkdown and HTML File
RMarkdown Num Descriptive Stat
Pearson Correlation in R
Loop FOR with Rvest for scraping
Receiving an Error when Using the Uncount and Row_Number() functions
Heat map in R shiny
GGplot graph: problem with the x-axis values: appearing in the wrong place on the graph
Horizontal zig-zag when I do a vertical dodge on my line plot (do NOT want!)
exclude na - please help from someone just starting
how to count months observations based on every person?
Read a specific cell of the dataset
Make a program that does the listed actions
Creating ggplots bar diagram in Shiny
How to not filter a data frame after a threshold
Creating a new variable based on a range of scores in the dataset
panel plots not working
Create statistics for coded income
Plot making adding with mean and standard error
question about moveVis package
Help! Can't get Data.Frame to work in R
add 3 columns to imported matrix
add 3 columns to imported matrix
struggling to get a mutate from 5 columns
How to create lope to use same code for analyzing data from multiple files and store result in one variable ?
Obtaining character version of a quasiquoted parameter
one variable included in other one
Data in parenthesis
Basic ggplot - categorical x-axis
Left join dataframes from xlsx and query for Report
remove rows with factor variable
Adding y limit and x and y labels to ggplot/violin plot
Help averaging multiple scores into new column
how to put void data to dataframe?
Need help sorting by month in R!
Joining Character to Numeric columns
To find Maximum date
Heatmaply yields no result
i am unable to create histogram using ggplot
Starting the Months on the X-axis from May instead of January (Custom start for months)
i am unable to create histogram using ggplot
growth rate question with dplyr
trajectory analysis
Problem import Dataset
Starting Graph After Value of 100
Beginner on R - Needing help analysing data
Forest plot in ggplot2
Summing numerical values in individual columns
How can i create arithmatic new variable depends upon another variable?
Error in (1 - h) * qs[i] : non numeric argument to binary operator
loop Regression in R, creating new dataframe from excel file.
ggplot2 suddenly behaving weird after some tweaks that I did with R
Plotting 2 Lines on the same graph
how to convert datatable into data frame for plot in ggplot2.
Travel demand forecasting
Error in UseMethod("mutate_") : no applicable method for 'mutate_' applied to an object of class "function"
Please help, i really can't understand
MEPS Data Analysis- Language variable
Visualizing dummy variable against numeric variable
Filter on ggplot scatterplot
Can't use MVN Package
Help with automated ggplot2 in a nested loop
Error in Lavaan summary
How to plotting POSIXct time in R?
How we can transform data from wide dataset to long data set?
summarize with multiple filters
Plotting results from different datasets into one graph
Detect in a line same values, and merge others
Importing excel data
Problem with creating maps
Rstudio does not print plots
Issues in Wordcloud2 package
Unexpected symbol with code
Regarding ggmap trouble
Save high resolution figures from R: 300dpi
Bar Chart Labels (ggplot2 - Novice)
Struggling with x- axis scales
Getting the average for non-numeric values
Having Issues with Bar Graphs
Reactive Shiny May with sliders used as weights
Plot is showing problem in graphics
Density plot using summary data frame
recoding a range of numeric values
Removed 330 rows containing non-finite values (stat_boxplot).
creating multiple columns from one column in a large dataset
Problems with plot function
create dynamic formula in shiny
Error in eval predvars, data, env) object not found
Error: geom_text_repel requires the following missing aesthetics: label
how do I add a 3rd axis to a ggplot?
need help regarding "how to handle outlier
Separate YYYY-MM-DD into Individual Columns
How to have two varible on the Y axis?
Circle Packing with R
geom_point removes fill argument
Overlapping x-axis
Management of DATES
Using case_when instead of ifelse to create a new variable
black lines covering graph
spilt data.frame
How do i sort the values
Need help with filter ( ): selects cases based on conditions on R studio
Error in lenght(Y) : could not find function "lenght"
Struggling to get ggplot Bargraph to change colour
How to parallel 4 nested loops in R on Windows
R session aborted all the time
How do I plot multiple lines in one graph?
Aesthetics must be either length 1...
need help with ggplot
Need help for friend's class assignment, neither of us know R very well so I came here for help
how to use R script code to count negative for continuous 2 months?
Creating a Confidence Interval Bar Plot of Proportions
Error in rq.fit.br(wx, wy, tau = tau, ...) : Singular design matrix
Plot error - x and y lengths differ
RStudio help with analysis
Error related to a package in Rstudio
Reassigning session IDs with different baselines to standardized session IDs
Frequency Distribution
RSelenium::rsDriver() not working as expected.
Cant read my data
ggplot error index is visible but shapefile not
facet_grid help
Text identification
New data that keeps others variables ?
sales ,forecast and holtwinters values :combine values into one matrix
Combine Values in R
Calculate Response Efficiency
Creating multiple variables efficiently
How to mutate a ratio for two populations by year
Change Count Values to Percentage and Re-order Axis Values
R-studio and meta-analysis
plotting median with median absolute deviation
Result of nrow function - error
change the dataset
Reorder by Descending order
How do I remove the blank area behind 0 in my plots?
Error in parse(text = x) : <text>:1:5: unexpected symbol
ggplot barchart
How to compare datetime in r?
ggplot2 Legend matching linetype
loops for warning number of items to replace is not a multiple of replacement length
Creating discrete choice dataset for mlogit / rchoice / mnlogit
Customize legend ggplot
Data Frame organization
sql like statement not recognized in RStudio
sql like statement not recognized in RStudio
Histogram help!!
Calculate height (y value) for elements of a vector based on the heights of the previous several elements.
Trying to organise my dataset in a way that I can plot data
Problem with ggplot
Recode multiple categorical variables to new variables
revalue and lapply
revalue and lapply
Labelling a Map - nominal variable
Which polling company did better?
calculating the geographic distance between coordinates
Issue with case_when use
splitting choice experiment (predict prob + assess accuracy)
Error when trying to use select function
Adapt code web-scraping script: ignore repeated part reviews
geom_label show data by minimum or maximum rest by geom_point
ggplot; how to adjust the layout?
Transform a R base code into a Shiny app, problems with the parameters of functions
How to assign the NA values in right index ?
Package 'metacont' not available for R version 4.0.2
Error in kniting Rmarkdown.
R studio: error gather function
"Warning: Error in : object of type 'closure' is not subsettable: error message
Date_Trans Error when adding annotate label
Tidytext error summarise
How to plot a legend on this graph
Tf-idf visualization not showing words in descending order
How can I arrange months on a viz
DC and TWPL in r studio help
How to deal with unequal amounts of the X, and Y variables in ggplot graphs
Adding more data (to Y axis) to a graph on ggplot
HTTP request getting timeout
Creating a time-stamp variable out of six columns from an csv-file
Attempting to collapse two rows into a singular row.
unable to get plot for this data
Adding an annotation, receiving: time_trans error
( Error: Can't subset columns that don't exist.) help please
add the horizontal lines
how to call different input arguments for different functions in Shiny
ggplot2 Error "Error: Must subset columns with a valid subscript vector."
Dynamic grid which summarizes
How to subset my dataset based on multiply string filters?
keep decimal points while concatenating
R Package Modification
Keep decimal values in Reduce function
Regression Closed
Unable to update values in a column based on pattern match of another column in a dataframe in R
bar chart, ggplot formula
Bar chart - get total of column in numbers at the top
Images not rotating
How to use group by and breakdown the information into the categories.
wrap polygon labels on map in ggplot
Age pyramid in R_issues
Package tidyverse can not be used together with plyr?
how get the sum and average of groups row wise
issue while Using 'Rstan' Package in R
Mistake in creating QQPlots etc
anyone can help me please
Create a vector in a LOOP with more conditions
Unable to sort months column chronologically in R
Dada2 assign taxonomy
error while running RDestimate
How to generalize a function?
heemod sensitivity analysis error: Can't subset columns that don't exist.
Weird Behavior in Group_By
createDataPartion generates blank Test set
Error in Reliability function
Geom_text overplotting
Shiny: Filtering and displaying Dataframe from a eventReactive Input
Lubridate Package: Issue with date_time column
How to add months to the follow-up missing dates
a.Date() function creates "NA NA NA NA NA NA"
need help creating maps with data retrieved from GADM
Scatter plot with range
Multinomial Model plot in R
Multinomial Model plot in R
Error in if (popLoc[1] == 3) { : missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed in DiveRsity
Model predictions
Error in filter_impl(.data, quo) ?????
boot() satitstics = function problem
How to have space between x axis labels in plots
Ajout d'étiquette de données sur un graphique
Code won't work in Script space
Group by and Summarize (dplyr) - getting single line instead of values by category
Error in slot when knit in markdown
stacked density plot
Object not found for column
Difficult to understand Ardl bound test functions.
helping with plot
Can someone help in rewriting this Excel formula in R Studio?
how to make histogram with dates in format aaaa-mm-dd in R
Visulazing hyper spectra with ggplot2
Axis of histogram, package ggplot2
How to compare one value with the rest of the values within a Group
help: why is my percentage on the y axis always messed up when I try to do a box plot
Cross-reference problem relevant to figures only
Create new columns containing average of other columns
Data wrangling help dplyr
Issue with generating the correct output from a table using data.table package
Multi-step forecasts with re-estimation with ARIMA and xreg
Shapiro-Wilk normality test
Color data.frame
Help Creating Tables in with GT
pivot_wider question
Custom widget observer not fire
Help building a polygon with range around the mean
Error in as.double(y) : cannot coerce type 'S4' to vector of type 'double' but not sure how to fix it
How to keep the removed rows in separate group using group_by() & filter() in dplyr
Combining two years of data
barcharts in R studio
Variable names within a loop
Problem while arranging multiple plots
subsetting multiple rows
"mainPanel" is missing, with no default Shiny error
Ayuda con el metodo Montecarlo modificado
get all combinations from within a variable and another
Mean according to specific year
categorical ploting using ggplot2
Adding unique rows in a table
How to merge two phrases into one in bigrams
Processes are slower when I multiply matrices by 10, and faster when I divide by 10
using dplyr and str_detect to check partial match
Calculating growth factor for data set.
Could not find function "train"
R studio crashes with specific package
Error in pairs() function
Image does not show full content downloaded from R Shiny App
Rstudio creating problem in color development
How to make a boxplot in R
Hey How does one convert storage.mode to numeric
Understand CFA index output
Top_n function truncating values after decimal
Create a new column based on conditions
Reading and combining multiple .csv files (delim= ";") from a folder into R
pivot_longer usage
Logistic Regression Error
All models failed in tune_grid(). See the `.notes` column.
filter() does not recognize the name of a column
why doesn't my ggplot work?
Help with finding average
Cant get Time Format
Filter Data by Seasonal Ranges Over Several Years Based on Month and Day
How to plot means for two treatment types per Temperature
Count scholarity by year
Using as.data.table to calculate the mean
I am not understanding why getting incorrect number of dimensions. can anybody give me suggestion please
Count the postings that contain specific words
R Session Aborted - Fatal Error
Creating New DF Column that Assigns a Label based on Conditions from Another Column
Strange problem with comma function
data and time conversion from char to POSIXct --> having trouble
How to plot this
**Combining multiple dataframes into one
RasterBrick with 4078 daily chirps rainfall.
label on Y axis, sjPlot. exponential / integer?
Selecting rows based on pivot_wide binary table
Standardize the dataset
Error in CARET package for CART modelling
How to swap serial number column with first column of data?
I want to change te date but it says my input string is too long
Filter by unique category and save as uniqueCategory.xlsx in a folder
rounding time - time arithmetic
How to donate letters to significant differences in R?
Creating factors from characters in csv file and Rstuio(in reprex)
Finding the mean of a column for specific row
PCA: help with graphics
Having problem while Calculating mean body weight of two groups over 5 weeks and plotting in R studio
Spline interpolation
Rstudio plots-Cannot see labels
How to get the average of elements inside a table
Sorting a dataframe by names in a column
How to get the peak values in y-axis and the corresponding values of x-axis?
Why isn't it working?
How assign the value
Dynamic tag filtering in Shiny with AND and OR options
error using krige function
why is it showing wrong date format in dygraph
Putting a References section into a Sweave report
Error: Can't subset columns that don't exist. x Column `nobs` doesn't exist.
Creating similar variable from old information
Problem knitting rmarkdown file
Graphing box plots
longer object length and shorter object length?
Convert from cumulated to daily observations
How to test whether zero is the real zero of the dataset?
set up maximum value for histogram y axis
How to select observations in df 1 based on df 2?
Problems creating an edgelist and nodelist
Unable to draw the time series plot
tidy verse, ggplot, filter, mutate and summarise data
R ggplot package error
Running my data
Decomposition of time series yields error
How to: Exploratory Visualisation using ggplot2
How to improve a for loop with selection
Help with Animated Bar Plots
Stacked grouped bar chart with ggseg: uneven number of categories in some groups, visualise?
Grouping data for specific time points on R
Sum of columns into a new column
Joining Data Sets
Printing Tibbles in R Markdown
Multiple plot using layout grid
Growth Increase, Groupby over time in R
Shiny App Leaflet map doesn't filter correctly by year
Want to add sd and mean to a facet wrap
facet_wrap with rolling mean grabs data from previous plot
Masters student struggling with code can anyone help
Error in NextMethod(.Generic) : cannot assign 'tsp' to a vector of length 0
conditional mutate across multiple columns
Calculating differences in row values in correspondence with separate row values from another column
I can not knit my R markdown or r notebook into pdf or html
Points and line in single legend
how to store data frame in file
Can't convert Rmd to html or something else by Knit on Rstudio Cloud
R Studio with R Markdown
Question about matchit
Error in R/QTL code
Help with not meaningful for factors?
Exporting and Importing Lists
R ifelse condition %in% three data frames
Add and mutate columns in data frame reflecting cumulative data of existing variables
Wind Stick Plots in R
Removing NS from ggplot
Newbie to R in need of Box Plot Help
How to bring box plots in the right order without changing colors or variables?
Changing categorical data to numeric according to other categorical data
How to fix: Error: unexpected '>' in ">"
Problems with recoding of factors
import data for (i in data) rewrite
How to add line for connecting the means of the first quantile and fifth quantile in ggboxplot in R
VIN decoding for large data
Density values sum up 2 in histograms, can any one explain ...?
A specific coding question
How do I group within a variable?
Overcome tibble error: Error: All columns in a tibble must be vectors. x Column `solar.time` is NULL.
GGplot2 plotting fitted lines
Get max of a reactive dataframe
Error FUN(X[[i]], ...)
Error in data.frame(z = z, t = t) : arguments imply differing number of rows: 759, 0
Shiny performing long-running calculations
Data Frame dividing column values by the respective row value
Ordering in facet wrapped boxplots
How to convert this part of my function into a loop to reduce the redundancy?
Changing Date Graduation of a graph
Lubridate, change factor to date
Help with Collapsing and Reshaping Data Frame
Help with simplifying table and finding total amount of parameters per date.
Summation of row based on different id and same date
Data arrangement - help to beginner
Hey people. How can I add a legend to my ggplot?
Having trouble making a graph interactive in r shiny
error using lme4
Exporting data from R after getting results
Problem function
problem reading a txt file
Creating Data Set
DataFrame with all field as text data
Error in n > 1 : comparison (6) is possible only for atomic and list types
Removing Columns in a dataframe based on a list
Regroup in a single column
Warnings for countreg package installation and zeroinfl function
Loop "for" with multiple data frames in different lengths
Ecological Population Growth Rate Data analysis
Delivery performance
Subsetting two binary variables?
Problem with Two-Stage Structural Equation Modelling
How can I do a grouping bar with the following data?
Best Way to Generate a Table from Multiple Kappas
Entering coordinate systems into ADEHabitat
Code for minimum/maximum/average value for selected rows (Colomn wise values)?
R is limiting my Memory
Code for minimum/maximum/average value for selected rows (Colomn wise values)?
Error in tokenize(reference, what = c("word")) : unused argument (what = c("word"))
How can I use as.numeric with data.table?
Multinomial logistic regression in stargazer
Issue installation metafor
How do I create a trendline for my graph, I'm struggling
New Project Actual vs. Demand
NaN when running for skewness exp(variable)
Error in eval(predvars, data, env) : object 'psu' not found
Creating a "queue" for batch application of functions
Trouble merging lists of different lengths generated from nested 'if' loop
pairwise comparison error message
Error: Problem with `mutate()` input `relig2`. x unused arguments
Add performance's plots to a plot in R marckdown
Can not get data from Alphavantage
dfsummary col.widths
Hourly electricity demand data with explicit gaps
3dscatter Problems
Grouped line chart using averages
Error message "could not find %>%" even though magrittr package is installed
Error in if (dim(input)[1] == dim(input)[2]) { : argument is of length zero
Impossible Values/Messy Data
it my coding right?
How to calculate mean, standard deviation and number of samples from a data frame
could not find function
draw a chart ggplot2
Changing Class of Data Columns
Using a for loop in R to loop through the name of dataframes
estimation regression
error: in rep(yes, length.out = len) , how can i fix this
GGPLOT2 - Remove duplicated text
How to transform wide to long data
Cartographie avec R
CI after logistic regression in bootstrap
how to match on multiple columns
Please help - object of type 'closure' is not subsettable error!
Join to variables to create a new one, that contains the mean of the numbers in the old variable
Automation of labelling of a set of variables with the same levels and labels
Creating dot charts
how to sum variables from a table
Loop for to record results in a tibble
How to do exact string match using another column as a reference?
Creating Month and Year Columns in R
Legend is cropping itself in plot display?
''x' must be numeric' error for categorical data
nMDS in RStudio v 1.3.1093
Data cleaning -- Creating one variable when multiple answers are chosen — in R
duplicates plotting R
difference between boxplot graph and visreg
Recoding variables in a data frame
Change plots already edited in R
How to do calculation referencing previous row value in the same vector?
Converting character variables to numeric variables
Dates in a Shiny app renderTable from tidyverse::subset presenting as numbers in the app.
Why do I get this error when I try to group measures?
Why does plot funtion not recognize my categorial data?
Chi square test in loop
I was trying to recode using mutate and recode
dplyr group_by and .groups
Put names to layers of ggplot
Making calculations based on specific values and names in columns
How to graph price against months from an End-week-date format
Time Series multiple boxplots
A legend label for each line geom_line
How to clean data for bigrams
Can not calculate monthly Standard Evapotranspiration Index
gcmr for environmental variable
Getting x and y are different lengths in legend creations
Parameterized ggplot with shiny
How do I make a simple graph with subset factor and two variables? (help pls)
Summary() Help?
mutate with quo in a function
Creating a graph but getting error message: unexpected symbol in... and can't find 'stat'
Column dates error with running my function
Problem with a simple multiple line graph using ggplot2
Run loop to match values from two different datasets
How do I stop my X axis being cut short on my ggplot?
Pipeline - set_units()
wilcoxonPairedR error
Partial Correlation of stacked rasters
Anesrake error: "Error in targetvec - dat: non-numeric argument to binary operator"
Two-way ANOVA with fixed factor
Merge - 'by' must specify a uniquely valid column - For Procedure
need to fetch unique values in a column
Problems with counting columns in data table
I need help with RStudio/RMarkdown/Igraph. How to create a Igraph
Beginner in need of help with "Removed ##row(s) containing missing values"
Error Message while running code
I want to do linear regression over the years.
Variable in group_by and ggplot
I am currently doing my school activities with regards on creating a line graph by quarter and this is my error that is keep on prompting even I debug it many times
Problems after running function "ensemble"
How to connect variables over columns for analysis
extract information from response class
How to merge rows that have the same number on a column?
Replace values with corresponding character strings
To change character to date
Need help with getting started with this time series data
Economic cycles plot
Iteratively insert row into data frame
General programming R
Trying to add values to an existing 1D table
Warning message during a Dunn test
Problems with changing the date scale on an axis
ggplot beginner - probably easy to solve
Help with an error message in R
Histogram Struggle
Creating an equal depth bin
Error in stacked bar graph
Simple if then Statement
Finding 3 most common items in a column
Im having trouble creating time series plot from the excel data
delete Na values
Filtering Data: By top x of data frames variable
FAQ: What's a reproducible example (`reprex`) and how do I create one?
delete Na values
line plot by ggplot
Alternative to cbind to append vectors with diferent row number
piecewise regression ~ segmented package
I cannot order my data to run a oneway anova
Split a column into multiple
Changing variable values in dataframe
Transpose/arrange row column names
Weekly Time series Prediction
ValueEQ5D Package
Exporting to Excel doesn't work
Split up date yyyymm into two columns
turning 2 separate variables into one
How to mutate a new column with the extracted numeric values from another column in the same table in a remote PostgreSQL Database.
generate new balanced data by rose
Passing matrix columns as arguments to a function
Selecting the best values of a data frame
gtsummary with model regression tables
Can I ask R what the unexpected symbol is?
Plotting influential points using Cook's
Hazard plot using survminer package
GAabbreviate function issue
create a new column by reading other columns based on one column's values
How to visualize data from for loop using ggplot2
Improve speed purrr:: script
Help adding significant difference bars to plot in R
Adding a second line to a graph
Connecting dots on discrete data values in overlayed plot
filter doesn't run
R not reading properly data structure incorrect
Error in plot.window(...) : invalid 'ylim' value
Creating flagged categories for anthropometric
Removing "Class" from visualization
variable in scale_fill_manual
Multiple Linear Regression with Antecedents
Error in t(y) %*% x : non-conformable arguments for Summary function
my unexpected symbol is a capital letter?
unquote a column name given in another column
how to plot pixel?
display ggplot without updating values
Multi-line ggplot for long data sets with legend
Reset variable value based on condition
How to add a smooth line in a graph
Vector Type change
Plotly tooltip not showing data
problems with a function - add calculated field
Cannot connect to a dataset
Error when use SampleSelection package because of type of data
Instrumental Variable Regression and Probit Regression
Data Formatting for MaxDiff
Data Formatting for MaxDiff
Multiple columns with near identical names
cant find issue in legend code
List within Data.Frame still?
TidyLPA not working - could not find function "estimate_profiles"
Sum columns and new row in dataframe...again
remove outliers in paired samples
Categorizing a bar chart X values by years
How can speed up the running of pgmm models in R?
create new observation of variable based on two other observations
Applying a computation to sub-groups in a data frame?
RShiny download data frame as html instead of csv
can't find object - RShiny
PCA biplot, error the condition has length > 1 and only the first element will be used
subtracting value from one year from each group
Group_By function not giving me the summary stats for each group, just the overall
List within Data.Frame still?
Code works but doesn't stay when I run the next step in the code
Help with pulling out data and running code on it simultaneously
Add a variable as legend/factor to XY-Plot / GG Plot
Creating a calculated Average / Ratio to plot on a Geom_line comparing yearly data
Aesthetics must be either length 1 or the same as the data (21): y
Copying from Viewer because I cannot save it as csv or txt file
Tutor needed for a quick session: Visualisation & Markdown
How to plot this step-wise function?
Adding Layers to a Plot (ggplot)
Error: Invalid input: date_trans works with objects of class Date only
R code not running on Mac
Error message when i want to create histogram
How to re-label countries by continent and find the mean value
error code when trying to create a presence absence matrice
Do loop help in R studio
How to imput CIs in a ggline plot
How to save all the information obtained from a loop?
Using quantile function in a large data.table
Strange error from group_map
packages problem
Turning all table elements into column IDs then new table 0 or 1 if the patient (row ID) had that element
Trouble with confidence intervals and smoothing a line in a plot (ggplot)
difference between apply and for loop...
How to subselect in a dataframe with multiple conditions by columns
Problem with Knit
how can I add MONTH+DAY to the X axis using ggplot2
Error in seq_len(no) : argument must be coercible to non-negative integer
Confusion matrix with wrong dimensions
Automatically export graphs for all the time series in a given data.frame, column by column, every X data points
Cumulated percentages with ggplot2
merging two gt tables
How to create a vector of specific data of random generated sample automated? not manually!
Error in map creation in biscale package
how can I add MONTH+DAY to the X axis using ggplot2
Havign issues with coding my R for filtering out data
Convert list of single nucleotide coordinates (hg38) to nucleotides
A Question About Histograms
Issues showing multiple tables with a for loop
How do I sum the values for rows with specific string matches
A Question on Percentages
Create and histogram for transcripts per gene
Error: Problem with `mutate()` input `time_format`. All arguments must be numeric or NA
Use runjs in an observeEvent, run only the second time
Unfortunately, I am neither able to save data in my working directory nor loading the data from it.
Transforming Survey Data Layout
fail when import image
Having issues adding new column onto imported csv dataset
How to plot time series with multiple sample rows
Filter a value from a Dataset
Error in mapply(FUN = f, ..., SIMPLIFY = FALSE) : zero-length inputs cannot be mixed with those of non-zero length
R studio IRT model to Excel
citation options disappears when adding Zotero as option in RMarkdown
Multiple and nested observeEvent in shinyapp
Merge ID from two different dataframes
Greate a plot with CI in ggplot2 for population proportion
“==” not working??? Not a differnt type or
Counting number of times a string appears UNIQUELY in a particular column
New to R. Selecting cases using with multiple selectors to find breeding patterns in horse pedigree database
Data frame Data cleaning
t-test with two samples
Changing dimensions of legend in MCResult.plot
Fit Variance Gamma to data
Import multiple .dta files, remove haven labelled fomat, create a dataframe from all imported dta files
splitting data for prediction
Join files to calculate percentage mortality
Create mean with confidence interval
Selective update of markers in leaflet map on Shiny
Create a column based on conditions met in 2 columns
Error: Can't subset columns that don't exist. x Column `hairpinTrain` doesn't exist.
I need help converting a code Fortran to Rstudio
How to get the sum of two observations in one variable
Need help with making scatterplots based on two variables in relation to another column
Counter function
Aestheticsmust be either length 1 or the same as the data (10)
Problem using `list_to_matrix` function for UpsetR package
Landscape metrics in R software
How to solve "the leading minor of order # is not positive definite"?
Generate observations from a table of probabilities.
How to take values from one matrix by condition from the another?
Hello, I need some help on starting this assignment, I don't know how to do the anova test for question one and whether it should be one or two way.
Unable to use cpp files in shiny
Drop menu for shiny app
How to create a chart with multiple readable values on the x axis
Export R file to spss dataset
Merging rows according to several matching columns
Asking for help on lme4 package
Format Date in ifelse function
removeNumbers function
DF as list: non numeric argument to binary operator data frame r error
Print a list of plots from a list column in a data frame
Help: Install package "rugarch"
Looping over a command
tolower function problem
help! error in ggplot, object not found
Rstudio calculating mean trouble
linked categories without creating new one
Simple: New to R, seek some advice
Text won't show up on plot I generated
Autofill for variables not working
Problem transforming charaters to numeric
Interaction plot based on Mean and SD
Dear Experts in statistics, I am a very new in statistics. What statistical operations can be used with the following variables?
Problem with changing font and position of axis labels and tick labels
Simple: New to R, seek some advice
plot_gg dont output 3d graphic
non linear regression (power law using log transformation)
Coloured table according to %
Index for one line -> same index for several lines
Can someone please help with the subset function in R
Problem with using geom_jitter
How to plot multiple lines form time series data in ggplot
Using Phonetic from stringedist package - Removing same code for each line
Error when Knitr
How to show a crosstab of transitions with panel data?
ggplot and geom_line trouble
color with ggboxplot for the error bars
How do I get column names when mutating across columns?
Removing Values from a Data Frame
R code of scatter plot for three variables
Cannot run library(mice) on R version 4.0.2
concordance index for matched case–control studies (mC)
creating summary for more than one variable
Transforming variables (I think)
How to export a csv file when there is error for "arguments imply differing number of rows"
Create histogram by group
Problem with recoding new variable to remove categories (NA)
Dichotomising Ordinal Categorical Variables When Variables Have Different Levels
running a regression with two datasets
Fill inn gaps in data of multiple regression model
Remove common observations from two lists
New User - glm error help
Spectra Object Not Found
dplyr, nycflights13, Hmisc packages are not loading
Mutate with Ifelse
Formatting time column
Multiply many columns
One-way Frequency table with complex survey data
ggplot2 Overlay graphs
X Axis legend cutted in ggplot2
two gaphs with y=mpg and x=hp but wrt am
RMarkdown with underscores variables
Adding another row's data into a calculation
Assistance Running Data Analysis (ANOVA and Linear Regression)
Why are the means of my boxplots always the same in ggplot?
Why are the means of my boxplots always the same in ggplot?
Convert duration to hours
rstudio genind object
How to change date format to new format
Problem with `mutate()` input `data`.
How to make a table fit the columns size
How to remove a particular portion from a plot?
Intra-Cluster Visualisation
PLM regression with log variables returning non-finite values error
Merging 2 variables in common and uncommon
Extreme newbie needs stats help
Sum by row names
Double function
Regression on multiple data frames simultaneously
Can somebody help me with a t-test
Not able to use geom_text
R code for loop need help
How to pertubate the fecundity rates of a deterministic matrix model using the popdemo package in R?
Combining PIRLS and TIMSS data (EdSurvey)
Adding new Rows Using Existing Column Names and Data
how to do iterative match over dataframe rows in R?
Creating factors from characters in csv file and Rstuio(in reprex)
Looking for method to read data and make calculations for a continous plot (weighted averaging, interpolation etc.)
Need to filter between date ranges from imported data set
how to save Rmarkdown html file after finishing the case study
Write Data From .SAV to .CSV (some data missing)
I can't install this package - Install.packages("openssl")
compare columns
I ma trying to insert inside the graph a square where I would like to type "something"
Error: Must group by variables found in `.data`. Column `day` is not found. Shiny
R Session Aborted and R encountered a fatal error | anyone can help me?
Take values from a colum if other two columns are matched
Plotting Heart Rate Change Over Time
Error in plot.window(...) : se necesitan valores finitos de 'ylim'
Does geom_vline() work on weekly data?
Problème labels fonction cut
getting error when making Function: Error in value.var %in% names(data) : object 'x' not found
Error in frailtypack
Multiple linear regressions in a reactive environment
Post hoc chi squared testing
Load Excel file into RMarkdown
Finding the Sum and Count to make a percentage for groups
Plotting code error
Wish to move from grid.arrange to ggplot2 facet_grid
Data QC Ideas for a New Scientist
How am I getting too many predictors?
determining home range size
two column value in one input
creating a summary table with specific formula
Error in for loop and IF function
Question for string mismatches
GGPLOT2 bar chart
Problems with Analyzing Data with "qqplot"
Can't use the lm function/ na.omit doesn't remove the NA'S
Text mining: R limit on length of character variables?
ifelse using multiple values
Creating a new column based on another column
Grouping data for XMR
Error when trying to knit document
Maps with no restrictions and basic code required
Completely new to RStudio and need help
Knitting to PDF
How to treat missing data for this case?
Bivariate sorting
How to use both lines and points on the same graph
Creating a loop for a regression model and store results
New Dataset with only select rows
"could not find function" for a data.frame element
Working script no longer working after reopening R?
How to create a legend using the function "legend" if my labels are hour data?
Tackling challenging semi-weekly or weekly data with gaps
Dataset reproducible example
Error unexpected symbol how can I fix this ?
changing class of column to numeric creates random blue hyperlinks to nowhere
DataFrame-Situate value in range
Column clean and find frequency
gglot showing wrong state data
plots were too small while I tried to plot multiple graphics
I need help to write a script cause I truly have no idea how to do it.
How to apply one_hot manually
How to make smart bind work with do.call, I am getting error " argument "args" is missing, with no default"
What is the best way to wrangle this data with multiple headers?
classification, clustering
Error in axis(side = 1, at = 1:10, seq(0.1, 1, 0.1)) : plot.new has not been called yet
Do loop for file entry
Using tidyverse to count times a string appears in a table.
Confused about case_when
Using match to change columns
ggplot2() with multiple geom_line calls, how to create a legend with matching colors?
move command how does it work?
Anomoly detection
Usage of weekdays
Question no longer relevant
Extracting Data from Swim Meet PDF
Error : Aesthetics must be either length 1 or the same as the data (70): x, y, fill
subset in a dataframe
R studio problem
Require help in holt winter model forecasting by a new R user
How to convert blank & -1 to 0 in imported CSV?
How to get RFM data / graphe out of rfm results
Rscript and packages error
loop (calculate according to several factors of the data frame)?
How to include repeated measures in adonis function (vegan package)?
Simple data frame rowname trim question
Error: Aesthetics must be either length 1 or the same as the data (36): label
Problem w/ order of individual dodged bars within ggplot2
R Identifing text string within column of dataframe with (AND,OR )
Calc Start and End Times
Error when using the psych 'describe' function after recoding variable items from string to numeric
R filling in missing data in Bar chart
Loop over columns to generate multiple prop.table
Mosaic Plot in ggplot2
Empieical quantile
Problem with Installing ggplot2
Error in data.frame(..., check.names = FALSE) : arguments imply differing number of rows: 0, 58430
Density Plot from Data Frame
Pie Chart results don't match Table
Please help me bug fix
How to change the colors on of my ggplot
Code cause graphical problems
delete empty right margin of a plot (ggplot2)
using a for loop to create new columns based on information in my rows
incomplete Animaldata dataset
How to convert Hexadecimal values to decimal in dataframe?
Run a script using For loop
How to convert Hexadecimal values to decimal in dataframe?
Function with Rules
How can find the row indices in one data frame where its values exist in another sorther data frame?
Creating a logistic regression model to predict claims
While making a plot, it doesn't let me enter any more code, I don't get an error message but it doesn't show ">" anymore
Reformatting Year in strange format
Can I achieve this daunting task with R?
Error in as.vector (y) but the same codes work on a different computer
How do I collapse (join) data by columns?
Removing NA's from ggplot2
object 'variable' not found
I have a question about editing graphics
Calculate the change for each patient with a given ID
tidyverse - Using summarise_at in order to sum a column
am new to r,can some one help me on this, this is a stata code but i want some one to help me with an r code for this
Need to create a new variable with conditions from multiple variables
Need to create a new variable with conditions from multiple variables
Minimum Squared Estimator
I face problem with plots
DF in repeated measures anova
using ggplot funtion
Fehler in eval(predvars, data, env) : ungültiges 'envir' Argument vom Typ 'character'
bugs in conditional ifelse
keep getting error : `data` must be a data frame, or other object coercible by `fortify()`, not an S3 object with class uneval
Removing data frame from another data frame
Textmining with R - inner_join a dictionary list
How to create a pie chart from a dataset
error in for loop with grouped_ggbetweenstats
Extract cell value in data.table whose colomn name respects a condition
How to use Rstudio to edit excel
HELP! Multiple variables on one axis
Error in table(data, reference, dnn = dnn, ...) : all arguments must have the same length error while making confusion matrix.
I can't get this plot to work
ggplot2 without points in the graphics.
Error in my code
FTP server connection issue
two column value in one input
I'm using full join to vertically join 4 data frames and I'm getting an unexpected symbol error message
Getting an error trying to check how many datasets in my data
split into trials for multiple files
Adding Error Bars to Line Graph
Populating a factor column based on conditions of two variables
plot two graph in the same graph
Creating a Heatmap with ggplots2
How do I combine two dataframes with different number of rows and columns
Ggplots with one variable
How to print the proportion of values in a list where P < 0.05?
Unable to deploy Shiny App--invalid 'name' argument
How to add a new line of study data to a forest plot?
RDA using SNP dataset and Environmental data
Parse a json field from a csv which shows only the max value among a serie of values
Calculating Mean of multiple variables in R
How to create a grouped bar plot?
filtering and save
'x must be numeric' when plotting histogram
Why I cannot run fixed effects in my r studio?
How can I count the frequency of multiples columns with same categorical variables?
Reshape2- dcast problem
Create a map in English
Select the first 8 plots of sample using plot
Merging matrices
Lab Report Not Knitting
error - /bin/sh: rBuild: command not found
forecast made holt winters
Create separate object and assign its values to rows
Plotting Moving Average
Error: n() should only be called in a data context
I cannot seem to get reactive to work on my shiny app
How to create multiple regression with ggplot2????
Direct plotly plot instead of going through ggplot
How can I use R (Base or Tidyverse) to flag each patient IDs last non-missing screening record as baseline?
how to add the log of a variable to a dataset?
How can I add tags to my points on a PCA with ggplot2?
My First Chart Replication Using GGPLOT2
Adding A Sets Of Rows Without Count
Removing the dataset:
Code not working in "ChemometricsWithR" on Mac
Issues plotting in R
Inverse probability weighting
Changing the Picture with ggplot2
Non-numeric argument to binary operator
Extract information for the file which is in csv with one column by comparing with another matrix file with dim of 15251*15251.
qqnorm plot - adding line
decrease y axis from tens to units
I can't add my own files after I install a library
Plot two variables with different units in a same plot
How to spread my dataset under different categories
Manipulation of a matrix list
Finding unique sequences in the file
RStudio Desktop Freezes on Open (Windows 10)
Plot line chart with percentage ratio of EMPLOYEE present and absent count in event by month.
Writing an If Statement to Eliminate Inequalities
Newbie Needs Help!!!!!
Create a long name chain using R
tab_model errors
Help with Circular Histogram
Help with threshold 6
What is @preempt and how to use it?
Help with rmarkdown and knitr packages
Calculate new variable based on time categories
Merging Files and Grouping by several variables
How to specify a data thresh
Why R is giving me different sums and counts of rows than Excel?
trying to use CRAN without setting a mirror
Can't Color Label
Frequency tables
Error Message - geom_path: Each group consists of only one observation. Do you need to adjust the group aesthetic?
Creating a Categorical Variable from a quantitative one
Delete rows based on previos rows
Error in rtf generation using rtf package
Adding Mean Points and Arrows to Violin Plot
Build an histogram in R Studio - Beginner
could I please get help with a problem I am having trying to do a linear regression?
how to get red of a letter in Date column
RFM Analysis on Retail data transactiom
package ‘patrykit’ is not available (for R version 3.6.3) >
Mutate Works Out Of Function But Not In Function
Sum cells in rows based on certain value in another column
Fitting trend-line on multiple plots using ggplot2
Nested Loop for summation
ifelse statement only returns else values (when combined with mutate() and %in%)
A basic indexing query in R
Compare 2 word arrays
help with error bars in ggpubr
knitr keeps failing
plot bpca outpur
WHAT AM I DOING WRONG: "cannot open file. No such file or directory"
Logit regression
Help Legend positioning of a barchart
Output specific data inside a table
Compile report errors
Removing a Variable from a plot
create list of variables by condition
Use match () funtion
ggplot order months in x-axis
Summary Table - formatting the numbers
New column in original df using another df
installation of package ‘RCurl’ had non-zero exit status
How i can do graphics with high sharpness using ggplot ??
Error in FUN(X[[i]], ...) : object 'variable' not found
Can't control legend in ggplot
Plot with ggplot
install.packages(ggplot2) showing error
geom_contour from ggplot2
Standard bar chart with total or ytd value in the last bar