FAQ: When Should I Split This Post?

When might you need to split or merge topics?

Splitting Topics

We like to keep things tidy here, and occasionally topic-threads verge substantially off the topic stated in the Title. Perhaps things started with a question about solving one problem in #shiny, and then that brings up a question about ggplot2.

In general, we should encourage the Original Poster to pose clearly distinct discussions to new topics.
But in many cases, it makes sense to split the thread into two separate, dedicated topic threads.

Merging Topics

Occasionally two identical/duplicate topics occur at the same time. (This seems to come up most frequently with this forum's caution spam filter, which can put topics on hold for several hours.)

We should generally try to discourage folks from making duplicate posts, but in these situations it may make sense to merge these topics into one thread.

How do I split or merge topics?

In general, it's best to split threads that need to be split early. Otherwise, it can be hard to separate the discussions.

In cases where it's clear a topic thread needs to be split, and you have the permissions, feel free to do so.

Ask Mods to Check it Out

:black_flag: In cases you aren't sure if it makes sense to split or merge, or splitting a thread looks tricky, just flag the thread and a moderator will sort things out.

Do it yourself

All Sustainers (Discourse Trust-Level-4 people) can split and merge posts.

Step 1 - Send a direct message - Let those involved know you are splitting the thread and why you are doing it. This will encourage folks to help keep things tidy going forward. There is a canned reply you can use.

Step 2 - Select and Split/Merge:

At the bottom of the topic, select the Topic Actions gear icon >>

Click "select posts" >>

This will give you options to select which posts in the topic thread you want to separate out >>

Select all posts that apply, and select New Topic to split, or Existing Topic to merge >>

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