Fatal error: Unable to open the base package

My R base package have been deleted more than 10 times in the last 2 weeks. I always have to reinstall R and it works usually for a day and then it is gone! Is really strange. Any way to debug this? I am updating RStudio to the latest nightly build. I am currently running RStudio-1.4.456. Any ideas on how to debug this? Since it happens so frequently for me I can keep an eye. Thanks

Have you checked your computer for a potential virus? I am not sure that your problem is caused by RStudio.

Thanks. I have done a scan but have not found anything. My initial though was that the antivirus application was detecting the files in that directory as a threat but according to the history that is not the case.

I agree with @gueyenono, it is very unlikely that this is related to RStudio or even R in general but the only thing it cames to my mind that could be causing this behaviour from the R side of things is if you have conflicting code on a startup files (e.g. .Rprofile file) Do you remember had customized your startup files?

I am having the same problem. Last week, on two separate computers, I had to reinstall R because of "unable to open base package". Just now, the error happened again on one of those computers.

I don't know if it's relevant, but the RStudio project I am working on is on a mapped network drive, and the network often seems to be slow (but I would have thought the base library is on the local computer).

R has problems with network drives very often, you can check where your library is located by running this command


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