Feature requests: Pane for data viewer

I really don't know if it counts, but I just want to suggest to add a pane for Data Viewer like History, Connections and Environments, Packages... To view the data.frames/tibble

It will be really more easy if data.frames were not mingled with script and report files, especially when managing a lot of scripts together.

So you mean that it'll be a pane only for data frames? Environment already has a distinction between data and values. Do you think it's not fine-grained enough for you?

One more trick you can do is to use F2 to open saved data frame in the Viewer. For example, if you ran the code that creates data frame named df, you can then put your cursor on df, press F2 and it'll open this data frame in the viewer. This way you don't even need to look in environment pane to find data frame that you need.


Thanks for the trick, I din't know about it before. You are right, the viewer should be for data.frame and list. I was suggesting to change the place where data should be viewed and to move it to another pane, instead of the pane where there are scripts too.

Thanks for responding once again.

You can also 'rip' out the data frame into its own window.

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