Feature suggestion: have a dedicated button/wizard for sharing a project

Currently, according to the documentation, in order to share a project with someone, I need to copy the URL from the address bar and send it to another person. That is very very simple, but it doesn't feel "right".

Unless I would read the documentation, I would look for a button for sharing, I wouldn't think that simply sending a URL would work for other people.

Another bigger issue is that by simply having to copy the URL and then share it, it's very easy to forget that the app is not visible to others by default. I've seen this happen with shiny contest submissions: people pasted the URL to their project, but didn't realize they also needed to change the privacy settings.

I think a great solution to both these issues is to have an explicit "Share" button that can just give you the URL, but would also remind you that the accessibility setting needs to be modified accordingly.

(As a secondary question: is there a more appropriate place to reports issues or feature requests like these? I usually look to do this in a github repo Issues as that feels a lot more natural for this type of this.)

Your timing is impeccable! We have pretty much exactly the feature you describe about to land on our staging server for testing. It should be available in a week or two and we'll announce its arrival on the What's New page (https://rstudio.cloud/learn/whats-new).

For now, this community site is the best place for features like this - please keep the suggestions coming. Thanks!

Ah great to know!

For future issues, is there a better place where I can share issues/suggestions that's not the Community discussion forums?

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