Feedback - Linear Regression Shiny App

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone would be able to provide some feedback on a regression-focused R Shiny app that I’ve been working on over the past month. The app allows users to interactively build linear regression models and see in real-time, how various regression features change in response to changing parameters. Users can choose from a number of preloaded datasets, or upload their own (current max size is 7mb). The app can be accessed here:

My hope is that this sort of application can be used by both researchers and educators in their activities. I am interested in whether there is any additional functionality people think I should add, including other plots/graphs, variable transformation options, or model options (weights, etc.) that would increase this application's utility.

I should mention that the app is not 100% complete, for example I still need to do things like label plots, and deal with certain error messages using better placed observers (although this doesn't impact baseline functionality), among others, but I am quite happy with where things stand now and would like to solicit feedback before progressing further.


I had a quick play and it looks really good. Perhaps you have 'select fill' show up only when it is relevant?

Thanks for the feedback - I actually initially programmed the app to do exactly that, but ended up nixing it as I thought that without showing that, users might be less aware that it exists as an option

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