Feedback on RStudio preview : paste file and blinking pixel


I don't know if it's the appropriate place for feedback on RStudio preview...
I'm using v. 1.2.1327 on windows 7.

Two problems :

  • A blinking pixel appears in the console or the editor when focused (at a different frequency than the cursor and at different locations).
  • On the current release of RStudio, if I copy a file from the Windows file manager, when I paste in a string in the editor RStudio pastes the full filename (with the slash as the separator) ; that's very handy. In Rstudio preview it doesn't paste anything.


Your first issue sounds like this one: -- does that look like what you're seeing? (if so, comments/upvotes welcome!)

We haven't seen the other one; feel free to file a bug on our Github issues page.

Thanks for reporting!

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Thanks, I added a comment and I'll file an issue (sorry, didn't find the github project page...).