felm formula, NA, help

Hi there,

I am using the following formula but I don't pull my CAPEX for some reason. I tried to re-load the file. Before was working, but now it gives me NA. Do you have any idea of the error/mistake I could have made?
Please let me know.

summary(felm(Monthly_Total_Returns ~ ESG_Score_SustainalyticsMonthly_Total_Returns_bad_april + ESG_Score_SustainalyticsMonthly_Total_Returns_bad_march + log(Market_Capitalisation_win) + Cash_win + Leverage_win + BM_ratio_adjusted + Bm_win_bad + Capital_Expenditures_win | Ticker_Symbol + Data_Date_Security_Monthly | 0 | Ticker_Symbol, data=Data_m1))

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