field.types is not working dbWriteTable() when writing data into hana database

I'm trying to write/create a table with column types specified by the field.types argument in HANA database. For some reason this isn't working, and by default it's creating all my fields as varchar(255), which is too short. I want it to assume as BLOB and integer for 2 columns(mycol1 & mycol2). And also, how can I set the default data type for remaining columns.


dbWriteTable(con$getConnection()$getConnection(), '\"a\".\"b::c\"', df, field.types = c(mycol1 = 'blob', mycol2='integer'), row.names = FALSE, overwrite=TRUE)

Looking for help!!!

Thanks in advance!!!

Many thanks,

I dont have a HANA database to try to connect to but this syntax seems suspiciously 'ugly' to me.

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